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Jeffrey Watts 11x14Every year I  need to get back to basics.  While I enjoy the impressionistic gallery landscapes I do -they are fun and experimental - but I regularly feel the need to test...
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For the last few years I have purchased my tablets and laptops with digital drawing in mind. I am an Android user and have been using Samsung systems.. And while I spent some time learning t...
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Review of Judsons Gorilla Campaign Box - for plein air

I admit I am a bit of an equipment junkie. Over the past decade I have bought and tried ( and in many cases re-sold) many of the pochade or other types of plein air setups. I originally chos...
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Ian Roberts Workshop - my review

Last week I was lucky enough to  attend three days of a plein air workshop conducted by Ian Roberts and held through the Blue Mountain School of Landscape Painters in Thornbury Ontario.Ian i...
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Ontario Plein Air - day two

Enjoyed another day working plein air. This time in the lovely community of Meaford which has a wonderful harbour with lots of subject matter.Again, acrylic on linen mounted on board. Gesso ...
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First Ontario Plein Air sketches of the season

Yes, yes, I know, its been a long time. Life and other painting commitments get in the way. Also not much new to share that I have not already shared about my approach.Today I made my first ...
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New under paintings

More paintings developed:30x40 on canvas. Sketch with acrylic markerPthalo turquois glazeMagenta
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New starts for the New Year

Been a while and its another year. Few more approaches to acrylic landscapesStarted with a photo of the shoreline near Campbell River, Vancouver Island.Interest area was simply the shoreline...
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New start

New start. Comox Estuary.  Acrylic 16x24 on canvas mounted on board. Quick rough  plan with pencil then final plan with acrylic marker.Block in darks using transparent red iron oxide and pth...
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Third interpretation

Third morning. I wanted a different approach again. Went to a diox purple as the underpainting and did a bolder rough value plan - adding and subtracting with brush and colour shaper.Pencil ...