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Goddessintuitions · 3M ago

What about the August 2017 Solar Eclipse ?

On Monday the 21st we have a Total Solar Eclipse which will be viewed across the entire US, making this a rare occurrence. The last time we saw a Total Solar Eclipse in the USA was in 1918...
Goddessintuitions · 1Y ago

Message From Spirit - The Season of Virgo

Message From Spirit August 2016                  The Season of VirgoI asked Spirit if there was a message I could share for the Sun's journey into the sign of Virgo. Here is what I heard: "T...
Goddessintuitions · 1Y ago

When Mars goes Retrograde

By now most of us know about Mercury Retro grade - But do you know about Mars Retrograde? Mars Retrograde occurs when the movement of the planetis moving very very slow in relation to the mo...
Goddessintuitions · 1Y ago

Setting Intentions Spell - New Moon

Setting an Intention Spell New Moon In Capricorn You'll Need : Journal or Notebook Crystal -choose one that supports your intention White Candle White Sage or Blessing Incense With Sage or Incense,Run your Journal through the smoke. Do the same with ...
Goddessintuitions · 1Y ago

2016 Predictions / Messages from Spirit

2016 Predictions or more appropriately "Messages" from the Divine.I hate the word "Predictions" because I don't "Predict".  I just deliver the message I hear.Maybe "Fore show" is better. It ...
Goddessintuitions · 1Y ago

Solstice Blessings! Yule 2015

Goddessintuitions · 2Y ago

Message from Spirit September 2015

Message from Spirit Sept 2015 - For whence did the flesh become sinful? It is man who hath sullied that which I created.Honor Me by offering the fruits of thy laborHonor Me by celebrating jo...
Goddessintuitions · 2Y ago

Magickal Advice for the Super Full Harvest Moon / Lunar Eclipse

For Magickal Practitioners, Full Moons are all about manifesting. It's a time when we zoom our focus on our goals.The same can be said for an Eclipse.An eclipse equals all the Moon's phasesi...
Goddessintuitions · 1Y ago

Message from Spirit (Full Moon / Blue Moon) July 2015

"Humans have long lost the understanding of love. Love is conveyed with touch. Love is an energy passed through the power of touch. Love IS felt. Love is the touch between newborn & moth...
Goddessintuitions · 1Y ago

Message from Spirit 7/28/15

"When the revolution shall come, Small voices, no longer heard will matter. When those rise in a harmony long forgotten, It is then the people will know greatness"