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Linda Clare's Writer's Tips Writing Tips to help you find your way.

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Robin Prater I am a girl on a journey in search of a heart like Christ. I love writing. It's more than love, it's...

Reads about: christian, writing, christianity, faith, books

Carla Orcutt

Reads about: writing, biomimicry, peak oil, innovation, mystery

Mary Banke Post

Reads about: faith, christian, family, spirituality, the writing life

Carla Olson Gade Historical Christian Fiction Author

Reads about: writing, christian, faith, books, fiction

Jowanna Delong Kestn...

Reads about: books, reviews, book reviews, paranormal, writing

Christina Suzann Nel...

Reads about: writing, christian, christian fiction, faith, publishing

James Burke

Reads about: writing, mystery, tao, thermodynamics, medical

Steve Simms Steve Simms is a creative, articulate speaker and writer who has encouraged and inspired our people,...

Reads about: writing, poetry, christian, family, life

Lynn Severance

Reads about: christianity, encouragement, illness, christian, scripture and life lessons

Debi Webster Perry

Reads about: writing, scripture, christian, faith, books

Linda Marie Finn

Reads about: family, christian, homeschool, books, homeschooling

Verna Bowman

Reads about: faith, family, god's word, trust, hope

Blake Phillips My current work-in-progress novel, tentatively titled "Fog On The Horizon," follows Nick Harrison as...

Reads about: writing, books, music, americana, suspense

Debbie Dillon

Reads about: christian, faith, writing, family, food

Cynthia Weaver

Reads about: humor, programming, art, startups, technology

Debra Ann Gray-Ellio... I am a Christian writer. I currently have two published poetry books and several of my non-fiction w...

Reads about: writing, christian, family, parenting, faith

Johnny Tezca

Reads about: blog, spirituality, christian, patton oswalt, comedy

Cheryl Linn Martin Aloha!

I write Middle Grade Mysteries based in Hawaii. My series is called The Hawaiian Island De...

Reads about: writing, fiction, faith, recipe, christian fiction

Janet Boyer Amazon Hall of Fame/Vine Review. Author of Back in Time Tarot (Hampton Roads) and Tarot in Reverse (...

Reads about: tarot, writing, books, spirituality, publishing

Charlene Marion

Reads about: writing, lyphedema, lypedema, support, biomimicry

Leeann Hansen

Reads about: writing, mystery, networkedblogs, christian, dog sports

Karen Jones Arthur Christian writer, poetess, crafty, family oriented grandmother.

Reads about: books, writing, startups, family, poetry

Gwendolyn Gage Gwendolyn is a Christian Historical Fiction writer, and has been writing stories for over fourteen y...

Reads about: writing, books, christian, book reviews, reviews

Cindy Windham Jones Growing up in the south, sitting atop an old oak tree in the middle of acres upon acres of pasture, ...

Reads about: writing, faith, christian, books, fiction

Sarah Rebekah Richmo...

Reads about: writing, books, faith, fiction, christian fiction

Renee Blare I love the beach and my wonderful family. I'm a writer with Prism Book Group. Join me and discover f...

Reads about: writing, interviews, christian, books, faith

Sid Frost

Reads about: writing, christian fiction, christian, faith, book reviews

Diane Markins I'm a writer and speaker who purposes to inspire hope as I share a Christian perspective on life iss...

Reads about: faith, writing, christian, publishing, christianity

Eddita Felt

Reads about: spirituality, paganism, poetry, inspiration, love

Camille Eide

Reads about: writing, fiction, family, books, faith

Larkin Powell

Reads about: wildlife, land, conservation, christian, insects

Shirley West

Reads about: writing, spirituality, writers, humor, christian

Miriam Cheney

Reads about: writing, faith, christian, books, publishing

Robin Jansen

Reads about: writing, books, humor, christianity, book reviews

Jamie Bond I love to read and network!

Jamie Bond is a poet who loves guns so much
she tries to spyt hollow...

Reads about: writing, poetry, books, publishing, life

Kim A Justice Women's Minister, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Book Blogger

Reads about: books, writing, reviews, christian, book reviews

Fred St Laurent

Reads about: writing, books, christian, book reviews, christian fiction

Lisa Stafford Tierna...

Reads about: writing, christian, faith, books, humor

Bj Harmon

Reads about: health, spirituality, photography, fitness, scrapbooking

Gail Fuhlman Really enjoy reading good books, and watch old/new movies.

Reads about: books, reviews, writing, giveaways, romance

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