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Godspotting with Sheila seen your Father today?

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Amber Ann Amelia Cha... Mother to 4, Wife to 1, Daughter to 2, Sister to 2, Auntie to 3, Friend to many, And a Follower of T...

Reads about: christianity, theology, faith, religion, culture

Martha Jane Orlando

Reads about: life, faith, love, family, homeschool

Helen Maran Ii

Reads about: spirituality, yoga, autoayuda, espiritualidad, law of attraction

Gboyega Osota

Reads about: technology, politics, life, business, news

Melissa Marshall disciple of Jesus Christ, very empathic,,,luv to listen, tend to hang out with the 50 years and olde...

Reads about: christianity, theology, faith, bible, jesus

Deborah Penner

Reads about: faith, love, nutrition, ageing, christianity

Janie Fox

Reads about: current events, faith, humor, pastors wife, family

Sharlene Smith

Reads about: natural hair, startups, christianity, technology, beauty

Michelle Uyterlinde ...

Reads about: faith, encouragement, christianity, homeschooling, hope

Sara Sutra

Reads about: spirituality, art, photography, love, life

Barbara Tifft Blakey

Reads about: faith, spirituality, christianity

Erwin Bishop Wooten ... I am a late bloomer I life who always wanted to work in the media. It was when I first started colle...

Reads about: christianity, religion, politics, news, spirituality

Ifrah Imam

Reads about: photography, spirituality, fashion, writing, islam

Shaunie Friday

Reads about: faith, family, christianity, life, christian

Eric Lampe

Reads about: faith, christianity, emerging, workplace, spirituality

Linda Chontos

Reads about: faith, christian, christianity, life, family

Alexander Rozinov

Reads about: photography, technology, birding, nature, fashion

Emily Theresa

Reads about: faith, christianity, writing, family, christian

Karen Lange

Reads about: writing, books, christian, life, writer

Franca Bartella Its Just Life

Reads about: spirituality, writing, photography, health, life

Jennifer Elam

Reads about: christianity, spirituality, life, christian, homeschooling

Pat Smolenski Spreng

Reads about: faith, life, art, philosophy, christianity

Jennifer Mccollum American mother and writer blogging about faith, family and culture.

Reads about: faith, catholic, family, christianity, life

Justin Steckbauer I'm a student at Liberty University, and I love writing :)

Reads about: christianity, faith, religion, christian, theology

Eve Adams

Reads about: faith, christian, family, life, christianity

Rick Dawson

Reads about: faith, family, daily life, recovery, life

Julia L. Atherley Writers, Mark Rosenkranz, Auther of White Male Privilege and inspired writer Julia Torres, discovere...

Reads about: christianity, spirituality, faith, love, christian

Karen Wiser

Reads about: family, faith, the word of god, prayer, devotional

Nicole Watz

Reads about: faith, life, christianity, christian living, art

Brandee Shafer

Reads about: faith, life, christian, family, writing

Sue Palmer I'm a Christian writer, spiritual director intern and recent empty-nester! I lead a DivorceCare grou...

Reads about: christian life, encouragement, christianity, writing, devotions

Dori Drabek

Reads about: christianity, faith, lifestyle, photography, ministry wives

Shahidul Islam Mridh... I am an astrologer, palmist, numerologist & gemologist of Bangladesh.

Reads about: spirituality, life, art, healing, faith

Olumuyiwa Moses Desm...

Reads about: christian, encouragement, faith, bible, christianity

Janis Russo Van Keur... I'm a freelance writer, wife, mother of two grown sons, and a retired special ed teaching assistant....

Reads about: faith, family, christian, christianity, women

Lisa Cotter

Reads about: spirituality, art, worship, textiles, creativity

Orina Genai Nissenba... Medial consultation with all Light senses: Orina allia Madame Zahmirah will assist you with problems...

Reads about: spirituality, faith, religion, christianity, life

James Robert Bennett

Reads about: spirituality, wicca, poker, witchcraft, paganism

Sandeep Goswami

Reads about: spirituality, faith, technology, religion, intuition

Sandra Heska King

Reads about: writing, faith, christianity, christian, life

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