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Going for the Throat · 3d ago


"...for years I spoke into mop handles above an Ethiopian bar..."
Going for the Throat · 1W ago


The world is on fire and the end days are winding down--but everything is ok.
Going for the Throat · 2W ago

Goodbye, Goodbye

It's a good thing to remember now as I can't turn, I won't turn, I can't be--any of these but all of it now and roaring.
Going for the Throat · 3W ago

All The Rooms I’ve Lived In Are Empty

The gravy train has left the station.
Going for the Throat · 1M ago

Betting On The Muse

Not much has changed but everything's different now.
Going for the Throat · 1M ago

Take to the Territory

Five fucking years later and I'm heading back out into the America.
Going for the Throat · 1M ago


Written on the 10th Anniversary of the World Trade Center Attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001.  Source: untitled
Going for the Throat · 1M ago

Blog From A Room

Originally posted on Going for the Throat: The following post was written last Friday. I like writing. There is nothing more gratifying than framing a fucker of a day and nailing it to the f...
Going for the Throat · 1M ago

Kiss It Goodbye

The working poor of the Greatest Country in the World have been sold out on skin color.
Going for the Throat · 1M ago

Boil Water Order

It could get bloody, even inconvenient.