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Goofball's world · 2d ago

Party time

Since we all get a bit older, we felt we had to act a bit silly on a friend's birthday party in November to celebrate that :D. Unfortunately we were fighting some virusses at that moment, so...
Goofball's world · 3d ago


When I wrote "Time to Cocoon" last weekend, the virusses interpreted it as an invitation. So currently Beertje is in bed for the 2nd night of high fever,   ...I'm still beating the ends of m...
Goofball's world · 4d ago

Winter Time in Leuven

It's winter time in Leuven and the city is doing its best to make it a magical time.  There are multiple events all grouped linked to this theme between Dec 7th and Jan 6th. You can find an ...
Goofball's world · 5d ago

Holy visit from Sinterklaas

Previous week was all about Sinterklaas. It all started on Saturday morning. We had just bathed and got dressed when all of a sudden there was a loud knocking on our door and window.  Much t...
Goofball's world · 1w ago

Time to cocoon

I was browsing through my pictures of November this week and I realised I had done many things I had not posted yet about: my training week in Danemark, a birthday party with friends, ...I w...
Goofball's world · 1W ago

Back home

After 5 months in the hospital and the rehabilitation center for these health issues,  my dad has returned back home. His hip and leg have sufficiently cured to walk again, also on staircase...
Goofball's world · 1W ago

Snow fever

We had a first brief taste of some snow previous week and it tasted well.  All week Kabouter was observing the meteo on tv and he recognised the snow icons on the map.  "Oh is it snowing in ...
Goofball's world · 2W ago

Wink wink

Goofball's world · 2W ago

Count your blessings - November 2017

The sun breaks through the clouds in a spectacular sunset on an emotional day while you are crunching thoughts on the roadRelax undisturbed quiet breakfastsFamily where I can leave the child...
Goofball's world · 2W ago

Kabouter conversations - November 2017

Wanneer gaan we dan eens op vakantie naar Plopsaland?   (new obsession to go and visit Mega Mindy...pfff )Weet je waar ik over gedroomd heb? Over de maand oktober!2 juffrouwen van Stekelbees...