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Goofball's world · 1d ago

Outdoor in a cold weekend

Previous weekend we didn't leave for the Ardennes. We were tired.  2 jobs, sleepless nights thanks to Beertje, predicted rain...all of that convinced us fairly quickly to not move at all. We...
Goofball's world · 1d ago

Wooden floors

The last weeks the renovations have caused several frustrations.  Nothing serious...maybe we are just getting impatient and tired of it all. It seemed that misunderstandings built up: an inv...
Goofball's world · 2d ago

A sunny day of community work

My husband's company boasts a 1-1-1 philantropy model which means that it dedicates 1% of its assets, time and technology to non-profit organisations.  He therefore has the opportunity/oblig...
Goofball's world · 3d ago

22/3/2016 - 22/3/2017

(I started writing this post on Tuesday evening but couldn't finish and then had to review due to current news)22/3/20168:45 :My phone rings.   It's JanJ: "In case you've heard already the n...
Goofball's world · 4d ago

Made in Belgium: Delavega

Delavega is a Belgian band, named after Zorro.Surely
Goofball's world · 6d ago


You might have noticed that I've posted slightly more than I'm used to. Kathleen from Verbeelding and some of the blogging friends that took her course, had the idea to try to blog for 40 da...
Goofball's world · 1w ago

Standing up and sitting down

Beertje mastered the skill of standing up for a limited time without support in his 11th month. We are quite used to the sight of Beertje releasing his hands and staying upright for a while ...
Goofball's world · 1W ago

Beertjes birth story (III)

(Part I here and part II here)The gentle contractions from the start increased very quickly and soon I was pacing the room to seek my comfort. I sough the help of the nurses: the bouncing ba...
Goofball's world · 1W ago

The first spring sun

We had not been in the Ardennes since the big snow fun in January but now we returned with the first hints of Spring around the corner. So it was a bit funny to see our snow plows fallen idl...
Goofball's world · 1W ago

Made in Belgium: Wanathee

Wanathee is another discovery thanks to Studio Brussel's "Nieuwe Lichting".  What a powerful refreshing voice.  Please more of that.