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Goofball's world · 21h ago

Made in Belgium: Aeroplane

Aeroplane is a Belgian-Italian DJ, dance producer and is in the top 15 of most streamed Belgian artists on Spotify. So it's about time he gets a post on my "Made in Belgium" series. He's oft...
Goofball's world · 2d ago

I'm not a hipster: I don't sew my own/my kid's clothes

While I avoid the blogs that focus solely on sewing clothes, I do follow some that have an occasional sewing post. I ignore those posts quickly as I don't care for it. I don't get the fun of...
Goofball's world · 5d ago

Ducks, hidden parks and hidden medieval towers in Leuven

After our walk through the Big Beguinage of Leuven previous week, we continued because I had read that a new park had just been opened a bit further. We continued our walk along the river Dy...
Goofball's world · 5d ago


It makes me happy to pick up Kabouter at school in the after school care and to find them romping around in the extensive garden of the school. I'm glad he's in a school where they can be ou...
Goofball's world · 1w ago

Made in Belgium: Funeral Dress

I'm not a big fan, neither a big expert on the punk scene but I discovered that a well-known "party" song is from a Belgian 80ies punk band.  Party on is a classic, that mostly reminds me of...
Goofball's world · 1W ago

Beautiful fungi

Goofball's world · 1W ago

The big beguinage in Leuven: an autumn walk through UN world heritage

After our regular visit to the Sunday Market, we walked home with a bit of detour.  We walked through the gorgeous historic big Beguinage of Leuven. In the Middle Ages, Beguines, female reli...
Goofball's world · 1W ago

I'm not a hipster: I don't have a Bujo

When you read other blog regularly there is some trends that seem to come by massively...a lot of them I don't understand.In the last months everyone seems to have a "Bujo".  It's short for ...
Goofball's world · 1W ago


Goofball's world · 1W ago

Cleaning up the leaves part I

"I want to rake the leaves. First i'll play a bit of soccer and then I will rake the leaves.", Kabouter announced last Sunday.  While the leaves only start to fall down and it probably costs...