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Goofball's world · 15h ago

The arrival of new / the return of old furniture

We still need a layer of paint. But for organisational reasons my parents-in-law have to come and help out this week and therefore we must really put back the bed in the guest room.  Too bad...
Goofball's world · 1d ago

Music Flashback : The final countdown

Some music immediately triggers a flashback down the memory lane and will forever be linked to some images, memories, events. When I was 10,  some of my friends and I felt quite big in schoo...
Goofball's world · 2d ago

Do we need any more Easter chocolate??

The Easter bunny did not only come in the Ardennes but also at all the grandparents.   Even better: the Easter bunny arrived conveniently a day late at both grandparents...just before our ar...
Goofball's world · 3d ago

Tour de la Warche once again

At the request of Kabouter, we walked the Tour de la Warche once again, only 2 days after our first time. This time Jan and Beertje joined us. The weather was whimsical april-like: sun, clou...
Goofball's world · 4d ago

New attic rooms in Leuven

The staircase is finished, the rooms start to look ready for use but still lack some paint.
Goofball's world · 5d ago

New attic rooms in the Ardennes

We can't get enough of creating new rooms in the attic at the moment.  All the structures have been finished in the Ardennes previous weeks. It's great to see the spaces and to start to imag...
Goofball's world · 1w ago

A garden full of Easter eggs

The village in the Ardennes doesn't have (Easter) bells in the church, that ring on Easter morning. That is a pity...Easter without joyfully ringing bells simply isn't the same as Easter wit...
Goofball's world · 1w ago

Tour de la Warche with Kabouter

When Beertje was asleep, it was an excellent moment to leave him behind with Jan and take Kabouter on a walk through the woods. I recently have the feeling we hardly go walking anymore in th...
Goofball's world · 1W ago


April 12th is the International Day of the Streetchild.  Each year, Mobile School tries to put the 150 million streetchildren in the world in the center of attention.  For the 2nd year in a ...
Goofball's world · 1W ago

Made in Belgium: Milo Meskens

For the fans of ballads, there is Milo Meskens as good new talent in Belgium. I'm not really a fan as I find his style to slow and mellow...too much like the other succesful Milow.  But I mu...