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Goofball's world · 10h ago

Miami in the (rain) clouds

We left Europe in a big storm only to arrive in Miami in the midst of storms as well. Fortunately the pilot managed to avoid the predicted turbulence (pheewww my stomac!).  The days before o...
Goofball's world · 2d ago

We're back

You may or you may not have noticed but I was absent for 3 weeks :p.   (the early Father day was a hint.)In a big storm we drove to Amsterdam, carefully avoiding all major traffic jams all a...
Goofball's world · 1w ago

A firm with a heart for its people

I work for a firm that boasts to be a model company with values at its core DNA.  I realise that most companies will claim to have values.  But recently there were multiple events in the sam...
Goofball's world · 1W ago

5 reasons why I love summer

Just 5 random images that are reasons why I love summer time. 
Goofball's world · 1W ago

Made in Belgium: Dolfijntjes

De Dolfijntjes (The Dolphins) is a band with 2 well known Flemish actors as band leads.  A core instrument for their music is the accordeon and they sing in their local dialect. The band is ...
Goofball's world · 2W ago

Brother interaction

I love to observe the interaction between those 2: There is often competition for toys that results in crying from one of both (of both of them). Kabouter loves to "supervise" his little bro...
Goofball's world · 2W ago

Summer boy

Goofball's world · 2W ago

15 irritations

While I try to be a positive person, I can easily get irritated nevertheless. Here are 15 situations that make me sigh, roll my eyes, make me grunt or gnash or simply turn me angry.People dr...
Goofball's world · 3W ago

Kabouter's photographs

Kabouter stole me phone in Ascenscion weekend and took a few dozen pictures, mostly blurry ones with his fingers in a prominent role.  But he also took some very decent ones of Beertje and m...
Goofball's world · 3W ago

Early father's day

We can't really celebrate it next weekend, so we celebrated a little bit this weekend.  Kabouter's school present was ready and so was mine but I guess we'll never know what Beertje would ha...