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Alex Bernabe Adion

Reads about: life, city, community, talents, technology

Lura Alampay Colorad...

Reads about: news, headlines, writing, grammar, english

Aq C Julzie

Reads about: writing, grammar, english

Beth Liberato

Reads about: grammar, manliness, healthy, recipes, cooking

Nerissa Bonifacio To...

Reads about: human rights, grammar, english, politics, philippines

Faye Q. Flores Meleg...

Reads about: books, travel, poetry, writing, leadership

Anja Bughao

Reads about: training, travel, hr, human resources, mountaineering

Khoirur Roziqin

Reads about: english, education, language, teaching, writing

Angel Guttierez

Reads about: writing, grammar, english

Elmore Miranda

Reads about: technology, politics, pinoy, life, food

Danilo Masagca

Reads about: food news, pinoyblogosphere, grammar, menswear, genealogy

Isiah Baena Ciriacru...

Reads about: technology, books, book reviews, liberal, food

Carmie Taboso-Barret...

Reads about: writing, grammar, english

Vin Gray

Reads about: technology, marketing, blogging, humour, funny

Patricia Ysabel

Reads about: grammar, beauty, english, travel, makeup

Bames Kaur Pabla

Reads about: news, writing, headlines, technology, books

Isachar Bernaldez Please enjoy my daily outfit diary...

Reads about: fashion, technology, science, blogging, parenting

Shed Imarie Kaye Gir...

Reads about: horror, pinoy, personal, blog, fantasy

Syam Prasad

Reads about: books, grammar, english, humor, general

Nisha Joshi

Reads about: grammar, business, joke, photography, authenticity

Krystin Scott

Reads about: writing, books, publishing, fiction, authors

Judith Ann Rodriguez...

Reads about: writing, grammar, english

Liu Ji chemical engineering instructor. finds grammar lessons interesting. finds astronomy extremely fascin...

Reads about: writing, grammar, english

Camile Flores

Reads about: food, travel, fashion, books, technology

Marge Del Rosario-Ko...

Reads about: books, reviews, single life, writing, freelance writing

Adeline Castillo

Reads about: technology, humor, fashion, design, startups

Erwin Ursua

Reads about: technology, marketing, music, business, travel

Karen Joy C. Alcober

Reads about: writing, grammar, english

Lalaine N. Orlanda

Reads about: writing, weddings, grammar, wedding preparations, workshops

Yeowoodong Foxing

Reads about: english, grammar, language, chrome, writing

Wilson Thilakaratna a free lance English teacher in Sri Lanka. I am a graduate and 67 yrs. old.

Reads about: efl, english, education, esl, tips

Jamie Bond I love to read and network!

Jamie Bond is a poet who loves guns so much
she tries to spyt hollow...

Reads about: writing, poetry, books, publishing, life

Buen Lai

Reads about: technology, design, fashion, art, music blog

Butch Syyap

Reads about: technology, books, humor, comics, movies

Mel Sunga

Reads about: philippines, travel, book reviews, literature, urban fantasy

Talal Diab Hello my friends

Reads about: marketing, business, technology, startups, internet

Ro M Ar

Reads about: books, design, technology, writing, book reviews

Jinkee Umali

Reads about: travel, technology, food, events, personal

Diezza Khey Biendo P...

Reads about: travel, philippines, books, food, personal

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