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Sadia Khan Rediscovering myself on a new level.....A diehard romantic having wings of Fantasies ....Started wri...

Reads about: humor, life, joke, feelings, photos

Dieter Moitzi

Reads about: food, cooking, recipes, gay, writing

Umi Dishes love to cook

Reads about: humor, food, life, politics, entertainment

Jeni Wood

Reads about: life, family, travel, personal, food

John Sealander John Sealander received a Bachelor of Architecture and a BA in Art from The University of Arkansas. ...

Reads about: family, humor, life, writing, food

Grandma's Goulash

Reads about: writing, life, graphics, scripting, paint shop pro

Tricia Sales

Reads about: family, life, reviews, books, writing

Ali Marie

Reads about: design, life, art, humor, parenting

Jin Quan Ho

Reads about: lifestyle, life, family, books, personal

Jonathan Roumain

Reads about: writing, books, publishing, life, poetry

Steve Bethere

Reads about: humor, family, life, travel, rants

Sarah Deitch

Reads about: news, art, headlines, politics, writing

Polly Dot

Reads about: family, life, parenting, humor, entertainment

Coralie Nellhard

Reads about: life, selfhelp, doing good, environment, motivation

Emily Mendoza Templo

Reads about: poems, writing, blogging, parenting, crafts

Maitri Libellule Maitri is a writer, artist, teacher, healer, and cantadora, using writing and art for healing, and c...

Reads about: art, family, life, humor, photography

Lancer Lord

Reads about: life, singapore, technology, humor, family

Marzie M. Nor

Reads about: personal, entertainment, music, beauty, love

Airine Martinez Aben...

Reads about: travel, family, food, life, parenting

Gian Faye Paguirigan Web Ethusiast, Blogger, Programmer, Bibiliophile, Ailurophile, Otaku

Reads about: writing, books, reviews, book reviews, personal

Dick Stone Jr.

Reads about: politics, humor, conservative, news, entertainment

Deeann Hayes

Reads about: life, writing

Angela Joseph

Reads about: writing, books, christian, faith, life

Sybrina Durant

Reads about: parenting, giveaways, reviews, family, education

Vickie Nantz Baker

Reads about: food, cooking, recipes, family, photography

Judy Sheldon-Walker

Reads about: health, life, food, photography, writing

Eko Suhartono

Reads about: photography, life, travel, money, technology

Danna Sue Crawford Blogging about different topics is challenging and fun. I also enjoy blogging for money! Providing q...

Reads about: ebay, family, marketing, children, blogging

Rochelle Caparas

Reads about: travel, personal, food, beauty, lifestyle

Rachel Glory

Reads about: life, travel, family, photography, cooking

Dfamily Dynamics

Reads about: technology, writing, music, photography, blogging

Petro Neagu

Reads about: family, parenting, children, life, food

Dorothy Lafrinere

Reads about: family, marriage, life, parenting, humor

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