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Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart · 1d ago

Cute Summertime Flip-Flops with Crochet Flowers for Kids and Adults

The calendar says spring but one day it is cold and dreary and the next it feels like summer. We actually have our heater on today. By weeks end, the weather people tell us the temperatures ...
Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart · 4d ago

Blueberry Scones with Orange (or Lemon) Glaze

It isn't too far off that it will be blueberry season in our neck of the woods and I do love those big, sweet, deep purple berries. I don't think I have met a blueberry recipe I haven't loved. So, I am using up the remains of the berries from last ye...
Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart · 6d ago

God speaks to me in Springtime

God speaks to me in springtimeWhen the earth is wet with dewIn the meadows and the prairiesAs the grass comes poking through.Read more »
Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart · 1W ago

Orange Poppy Seed Tea Bread with Old Friends

I'd like to say that old refers to length of time. Though that is true somehow old is becoming a reality that we can hardly believe! My friends are coming by for a much appreciated catch-up time. How is it, that at this stage of our lives, it is hard...
Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart · 1W ago

Easy Tutorial How-to-Make a Cool Text Mask using PicMonkey

I've got to tell you, I am so excited about this new discovery. Maybe you have seen these really cool visuals where a background shows through the letters. It is called Text Masking and these graphics are so eye-catching. Projects created using this ...
Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart · 1W ago

Living He Loved Me, Oh Glorious Day! Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! Oh, Glorious Day!Sending heartfelt wishes for a beautiful Easter day to you and yours and that the words of this song will fill you with hope and encouragement.Read more »
Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart · 2W ago

Cheesy Potato Soup from the Slow Cooker

Have you ever made a searched for potato soup and were overwhelmed with the options out there? It's not any better when searching for a slow cooker version. When a recipe showed up in my inb...
Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart · 2W ago

Creamy Orange Fruit Dip

Springtime is actually happening and we are enjoying some warmer-weather outdoor activities. Meals on the patio is one of the first pleasures as the cold temps disappear and warm days invite us outside. A creamy and light dip with a hint of orange is...
Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart · 2W ago

What Will You Say When the Question Comes?

 Thoughts of Good Friday are on my mind. Thoughts of the immensity of what the cross means and what it means for me. Thoughts of a love that goes far beyond my ability to grasp. But it is real.In the words of an old hymn writer... What shall I do wit...
Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart · 3W ago

How to Make Easy Springtime Crochet Flower Wall Art

My girl Erin, has been crocheting again and found the cutest flower pattern. I just love the unique shape of these flowers with the deep curves of each petal that gives them lots of dimensio...