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Greg Brown's Flying Carpet Blog · 4W ago

“Parlez-vous Anglais?” Greg’s March, 2017 Flying Carpet column

“Be aware of a Citation jet practicing instrument approaches, and numerous aircraft flying the Trois-Rivières traffic pattern,” cautioned Montreal Center after issuing our instrument clearan...
Greg Brown's Flying Carpet Blog · 1M ago

Choosing a good flight instructor

Originally posted on Greg Brown's Flying Carpet Blog: The single most important factor in good flight training is lining up an excellent flight instructor (“CFI”). Since flying is largely ta...
Greg Brown's Flying Carpet Blog · 1M ago

Greg’s latest “Pilot Achievement Plaque”

I thought you might enjoy seeing my latest Pilot Achievement Plaque, ordered for Scott Tabako Sr. by his son Scott Jr. to celebrate Scott Sr. earning his private pilot certificate, and featu...
Greg Brown's Flying Carpet Blog · 1M ago

“Full Circle,” Greg’s February, 2017 Flying Carpet column

Bienvenue au Québec! You’d expect a flying carpet to deliver you to enchanted destinations. Well, 2,000 miles and fifteen flight hours from home over French Canada, Jean and I truly felt our...
Greg Brown's Flying Carpet Blog · 2M ago

“O, Canada,” Greg’s January, 2017 Flying Carpet column

Crossing Borders When a family wedding beckoned from Chicago, our first thought was to book airline tickets because it’s too far to fly for a weekend. But then Jean and I got to talking. Thi...
Greg Brown's Flying Carpet Blog · 3M ago

Introducing Greg’s 2017 photo wall calendars!

2017 “Views from the Flying Carpet” Photo Wall Calendars Here come my 2017 “Views from the Flying Carpet” aerial photo wall calendars, filled with my favorite aviator’s-eye views from around...
Greg Brown's Flying Carpet Blog · 4M ago

“Tight Quarters,” Greg’s December, 2016 Flying Carpet column

Pirate pool party Attending a kid’s 4th birthday party might sound unimportant, but Jean and I felt high emotional stakes in flying to Alamogordo, New Mexico for the occasion. Our son and da...
Greg Brown's Flying Carpet Blog · 4M ago

Greg on “Flying High and Hot”

Check out my density-altitude and mountain flying tips on this week’s AOPA Live aviation news broadcast! Greg
Greg Brown's Flying Carpet Blog · 5M ago

“Ode to Night Currency,” Greg’s November, 2016 Flying Carpet column

Tough, beautiful, and a little scary I taxi my noisy little capsule toward the runway, arm out the window, in a cocoon of flashing red beacon light. I’m practicing landings tonight, and it’s...
Greg Brown's Flying Carpet Blog · 5M ago

Greg shares Arizona flying destinations on “AOPA Live”

Hey Folks, check out my “Flying Carpet” video segment with Warren Morningstar on this week’s September 15th AOPA Live aviation news broadcast, about Arizona flying destinations within range ...