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Greg Mankiw's Blog · 1w ago

The Case Against the Harvard-Yale Game

I am sad to say that I find this persuasive.
Greg Mankiw's Blog · 2W ago

Furman on Tax Reform

I don't agree with all of it, but these slides from a recent talk by Jason Furman make a lot of good points.
Greg Mankiw's Blog · 2W ago

Taxing Higher Ed

One of the most surprising parts of the proposed tax bill is its tax on university endowments. If my rough calculations are correct, the tax would cost schools like Harvard between $1,000 an...
Greg Mankiw's Blog · 2W ago

The Good, the Bad, and the Fixable

Click here to read my column in Sunday's NY Times on the Trump tax plan.
Greg Mankiw's Blog · 3W ago

Where I am today

Here.  Thank you, CEE.
Greg Mankiw's Blog · 3W ago

The Dynamic Furman Ratio

There has been a lot (maybe too much) commentary on my simple pedagogical exercise. To move the discussion forward, let me offer a challenge to readers: What is the dynamic Furman ratio in s...
Greg Mankiw's Blog · 4W ago

My Latest

Click here to read "Friedman’s Presidential Address in the Evolution of Macroeconomic Thought," an essay I just finished writing with Ricardo Reis for the Journal of Economic Perspectives.
Greg Mankiw's Blog · 1M ago

An Exercise for My Readers

There has been a lot of discussion lately about how much a cut in the tax on capital will increase wages. So I thought I would pose a relevant exercise for my readers.An open economy has the...
Greg Mankiw's Blog · 1M ago

A Talk from the CEA Chair

Kevin Hassett speaks at the Tax Policy Center; click here for video. Click here to read the text.
Greg Mankiw's Blog · 1M ago

What I am reading

Two of my favorite young macroeconomists (and former students) have a new essay on Identification in Macroeconomics.