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grumpyoldmen · 5M ago

The Black Pudding Club Theft

It seems that every year I have to fight hard to defend my recipes and photos from unscrupulous bloggers that think it is fine to cut and paste one of my recipes onto their site. The Why Cli...
grumpyoldmen · 1Y ago


We at Grumpy Old Men decided we should give the outside world an idea of why Britain voted to leave the E U. History We signed the papers to join the EU (which was called the Common Market) ...
grumpyoldmen · 1Y ago

Tumbling on Tumblr and other Useless stuff

As any blogger will tell you, getting your efforts read is harder than you think. With ever increasing number of blogs worldwide that create an ever increasing number of blog posts per day, ...
grumpyoldmen · 1Y ago

Mommies Boys (modern day footballers)

"Overpriced, overpaid with egos as fragile as an eggshell!" Are the typical comments you hear more and more about today's footballers. Why is it when a football team does badly repeatedly, t...
Kevin Ashton
Kevin  Sad but true about modern football players.
grumpyoldmen · 1Y ago

Blogarama-Kings of Plagiarism

It seems as the internet gets bigger so does the theft. People think they can post your articles, recipes and photographs (as if they are the author) without getting caught. In recent weeks ...
grumpyoldmen · 1Y ago

Taking A Dive

Taking A Dive I had this article almost complete just needed a little more back story and then..................... Out of blue (or so it seems at the moment) Blatter ups and resigns. The Ho...
grumpyoldmen · 1Y ago

Job prospects for Jeremy Clarkson

"Trying to get a ahead of the rest of the media, I thought I do some brain storming about possible jobs Jeremy could try his hand at."
grumpyoldmen · 1Y ago

Hey You Brits--Get off your Arse and Do your Duty!!!

Let me start by saying there is not one politician I would wish to stake my life on, but even so, there are differences, though those differences seem to narrow with time or advice from thei...
grumpyoldmen · 1Y ago

Mark Garnier, another Arrogant Tory Unmasked!

All my life I have wondered how the Tories ever get elected, in my mother's youth employers would demand their employees vote Conservative or lose their jobs. Even the recent Cambridge educa...
grumpyoldmen · 1Y ago

Air Brushing British History-The Thatcher Legacy

I don’t normally criticise the dead and this post is much toned down than it started out,never the less too many people in powerful places are trying to AIR BRUSH Margaret Thatcher’s leaders...