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Guardian Crossfit · 32m ago

Friday, 18 Aug 2017 (1130)

Plan is to meet in the gym, then go to the garage to bring up more of the gear.  Want to fill up the shelves and maybe get the dumbells if we have enough time.
Guardian Crossfit · 1d ago

Thursday, 17 Aug 2017 (1130)

Meet in the gym.  All WOD today (well, maybe a little cleaning too…) Cardio: Run 800M (treadmill) Bike 1 mile Mobility WOD: 7 x 3 High Hang Clean
Guardian Crossfit · 1d ago

17 Aug (0700)

Meet in the gym. Push Press 5-5-5-5-5 AMRAP 15 500M row 10 SDHP (95/65) 6 ab roll outs
Guardian Crossfit · 2d ago

Wednesday, 16 Aug 2017 (1130)

Meet in the garage.  We are going to load the scrap metal into the truck.  Whn done, we will head back to the gym and do the following: WOD: for time – 3/4 mile run 100 squats 3/4 mile run
Guardian Crossfit · 2d ago

16 Aug (0700)

Meet in the garage. We’re going to move and then reassemble the storage racks in the gym. Assuming we make good time, we’ll have an 8-10 minute WOD at the gym.
Guardian Crossfit · 3d ago

Tuesday, 15 Aug 2017 (1130)

Meet in the gym.  If the soda machine is moved we will layout some mats, if not, just hitting the WOD. Warmup: 6000M row (team of 2) Mobility WOD: 4 rft – 15 Pushups 15 Box Jumps 15 Push Pre...
Guardian Crossfit · 3d ago

15 Aug (0700)

Meet in the gym. EMOM 8 3 touch and go power cleans -pick a weight between 70-80% 18-15-12-9 Deadlift (155/105) Bar over burpees Note: we’ll be moving and reassembling the stotage racks on W...
Guardian Crossfit · 3d ago

Monday, 14 Aug 17 (1130)

Warm Up: Bike/row/run 1 min, 20 air squats, 20 push ups, 20 sit ups (x3) Mobility WOD: 21-15-9 Thrusters (95/65) Bar over burpees Row for Cals
Guardian Crossfit · 4d ago

14 Aug (0700)

Meet in the new space in the gym. Flight simulator lite: Double unders 10-20-30-40-50 Complete each set unbroken 5 rounds for time: 12 Overhead plate lunges (45/25) 250M row 12 deficit push-...
Guardian Crossfit · 1w ago

Friday, 11 Aug 2017 (1130)

We will hit a WOD today.  Meet in the gym. Cardio – 1 mile run on treadmill (10 min timecap) Mobility WOD: 5 rft – 3o cal row/bike 20 Wallball (20/14) 10 Burpees