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Guardian Crossfit · 1W ago

Guardian Crossfit T-shirt Order

Happy Friday Everyone! I am going to put in a T-shirt order and want to get a count(this greatly changes the price depending on how many we get). They are Anvil brand with a soft fabric and ...
Guardian Crossfit · 2W ago

Coach Chris Martin’s Going away!!

Good Morning we kick off today at 1130! My suggestion is to get there a bit early and start warming up! Hope to see you all there! Email me with any question or concerns. tracey.e.norman@usc...
Guardian Crossfit · 2W ago

Coach Matt Perkins Going Away WOD Thursday 5/3/18

Good Morning Guardian Crossfit Community! Please join the 0700 class for a farewell to one of our Coaches who has Selflessly led you all through some great workouts and who helped you furthe...
Guardian Crossfit · 2M ago

13 March

Please Sign up for SugarWOD if you have not already done so. It is a great free app! this will be our primary source of programming going forward. It also tracks your lifts, PR etc which wil...
Guardian Crossfit · 2M ago

12 Mar 18

District CrossFit has agreed to let us use their box during their open gym times, which is 0800 to 1200 tomorrow morning.  Some folks from the 1130 class will be going at 0800 to attempt 18....
Guardian Crossfit · 2M ago

08 March

Squat clean 5-5-3-3-2-2-3 15 Thrusters (#95/65) 15 Bent Over Rows 15 Front Rack lunges 15 Pullups 4 laps around BB court/400m run on treadmill 10 Thrusters 10 Bent over rows 10 Front Rack lu...
Guardian Crossfit · 2M ago

07 March

Warmup, then: Overhead squat 5-5-3-3-2-2-3 Jay Coon memorial WOD 2 min Max Pullups Rest one minute 2 min Max Kettlebell Swings (#53/35) Rest one minute 2 min Max Cals Row Rest one minute 2 m...
Guardian Crossfit · 2M ago

06 March

EMOM 8 2 snatch grip deadlift at 75% 1RM 8 rounds for time 5 front squats (115/85) 5 push press (115/85) 10 box jump overs 15 abmat sit-ups
Guardian Crossfit · 2M ago

05 March

Happy Monday with the government being closed Friday today will be the day we complete the Open workout. If you have already completed the open workout please let a coach know we have anothe...
Guardian Crossfit · 2M ago

Thursday, 01 March 2018 (1130)

Meet in the gym.  If you are doing 18.2 on Friday do 5×3 at a light to moderate weight so you don’t burn out your legs before workout is released. Warmup: 3 rds – 10 cal bike 10 walking lung...