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English - Art, Painting, Drawing
Gumnut Inspired · 1W ago

Red-capped Plover encounters and a painting

I had the awful experience of nearly stepping on an egg.
Gumnut Inspired · 1M ago

Tolderol Game Reserve & Milang

It was like discovering Christmas.
Gumnut Inspired · 2M ago

Not a birder

I'm not a birder, well, not really. If I was to call myself one, I would then have to call myself a planter, rocker, crabber, beacher, insecter, spider-er, general bugger,, yeah, some ...
Gumnut Inspired · 3M ago

The importance of breaking routine

Routine can be an inspiration killer
Gumnut Inspired · 3M ago

Five bracelets and five earrings

I was wondering what to post for Willy Nilly Friday Five and Five on Friday this week when I realised […]
Gumnut Inspired · 3M ago

A work-in-progress and some beads

Last night I managed to make a new bracelet in my Duo Flowers series and it has me all fired up to make more.
Gumnut Inspired · 3M ago

The Little Blue Lake

I love maps. I can stare at them for hours, particularly when I'm planning to go somewhere new.
Gumnut Inspired · 3M ago

Life in the Philodendron

While I was photographing, I came across this.
Gumnut Inspired · 3M ago

My five favourite colours – part 2

Now for the remaining three colours in my favourite five.
Gumnut Inspired · 3M ago

More watercolour adventures

A few weeks back I came across a drawing I had created last time I was at Edithburgh on the Yorke Peninsula