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Gumnut Inspired Art is a journey best shared.

English - Art, Painting, Drawing
Gumnut Inspired · 1d ago

Animal robots

Early this year my eldest daughter started to draw robot animals.
Gumnut Inspired · 1W ago

Five favourite kinds of weather

Some of my favourite weather situations
Gumnut Inspired · 1W ago

Watercolour adventures

This week I explored watercolour
Gumnut Inspired · 2W ago

Five of my favourite artists

I thought I would share five of my favourite artists.
Gumnut Inspired · 2W ago

Inktober 2017

Yes, I'm making the attempt!
Gumnut Inspired · 2W ago

My five favourite paintings

Gumnut Inspired · 2W ago

More stamps – a pansy, a tree and a heart

I have fallen in love with stamping and painting over the stamp.
Gumnut Inspired · 2W ago

Latest Discovery – Gerda Lipski

She uses many different techniques and layers on layers and it is fascinating to watch.
Gumnut Inspired · 2W ago

Five Favourite Beaches

I thought I would post Five Favourite Things of mine. Of course, one of my favourite things is beaches, so here be my five favourite no particular order :D
Gumnut Inspired · 2W ago

Art update

My art has been selected to be on the cover of a book!