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Gut Check Podcast · 2W ago

Episode 83: The Chet Danburry of Podcasts

In this episode: Zach is 'Troggesy, New Gut Check book, New details from a classic story, Mourning WarriorPoet, Celebrating CahonMan [SIC], Write Like a Man Conference, The way the shoe busi...
Gut Check Podcast · 1M ago

Episode 82: The Ethan Hawke of Podcasts

Turning on Piper, Calvinist Documentary, MissionalWear, Cajon-Man, Jolt Cola, Luke Winslade, Stranger Things, Chris Walken, Literacy Month
Gut Check Podcast · 2M ago

Episode 81: C64

iTunes Reviews, Who is Cajon Man?, Launch of Gut Check Literacy Month Mach 2, Mr. Shekels meets the Randomizer
Gut Check Podcast · 3M ago


Some chaotic found-footage from our travels
Gut Check Podcast · 4M ago

Episode 80: Signature Blend

In this episode, Ted and Zach: Give an Unbiased Review of Gut Check Blend Espresso; Randomly Discuss Downton Abbey again, at length, Finish up Gut Check Literacy Month, Don't talk business o...
Gut Check Podcast · 4M ago

Episode 79: Nineties Studies

Healing your dirtbag wound, Energy drink Review: Juice Monster Pipeline Punch, The birth of a new mixed drink, Ted hates the Cranberries, Zach and Ted create an entire academic program in 25...
Gut Check Podcast · 5M ago

Episode 78: Sultans

Back in the states, Ted, Zach, and Johnny Sheks debrief the Israel trip.
Gut Check Podcast · 5M ago

Episode 77: Loose in the Roose

Israel, part 3. Terrible audio meets spectac content in the final Israel Bootleg Ep (this one not-so-live). Ted and Zach talk with Cliff Graham, Jay Casten, and a host of others. Excluse to ...
Gut Check Podcast · 5M ago

Sneak-Peek of Clinch: A Podcast of Fiction and Not-Fiction

S01 Chapter 01: "I promise, it won't kill you." In the premier episode, Trenton Marsh rushes to save his life and make a connection with Zoe, while Zach puts all his cards on the table.
Gut Check Podcast · 6M ago

Episode 76: Unsheckled

Israel, part 2. Ted and Zach sit down on the shores of the Sea of Galilee with Cliff Graham and Jay Casten to discuss Israel and work through some interpersonal stuff