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Gut Check Podcast · 5d ago

Episode 72: Screenwriting 101

In this episode: Bromancing the 'Trogges, Buddy Cop Movies, The Shack movie, and #TedLetsUsDown
Gut Check Podcast · 1M ago

Episode 71: Sprechen Sie Talk

Ted Kluck and Zachary Bartels are two authors/business moguls. In this podcast, they chat about cigars, energy drinks, Israel, movies, white papers, bad internet connections, heartwarming st...
Gut Check Podcast · 2M ago

Episode 70: Podcasting 101

In this episode, Ted has Zach Skype in as a guest for his J-term podcasting class, which they then record and call an episode.
Gut Check Podcast · 2M ago

Episode 69: Men of Letters

In this episode: Gut Check Anniversaries, @TedKluckQuotes, New Die Hard Observations, The etymology of "Butt-hurt," Webis Contest winners
Gut Check Podcast · 3M ago

Episode 68: To and Far

Cliff Graham talks Israel tours, Old phones and waterbeds, Lashing Update, Bad ear days, 'Trogges podcasting rollercoaster, Ted's podcasting class, Gut Check Literacy Month
Gut Check Podcast · 3M ago

Episode 67: Sold Out

In this episode, we run the gamut of human emotion and indeed the entire human experience. Also, Webis is giving away some used books.
Gut Check Podcast · 4M ago

Episode 66: The One with the List

Nothing about the election, The Magnificent 7 is the perfect movie, Ted eats produce, Things get weird, Are Ted and Zach complimentarians?
Gut Check Podcast · 4M ago

Episode 65: Seedy Guys

In this Episode: CDs, VHS, and Beta Max; Ranking Die Hard Movies; Energy drink review: Amp Strawberry Limeaid; Halloween costumes as a grownup; Ted is 109% heterosexual; Frank Turk: In Memor...
Gut Check Podcast · 5M ago

Episode 64: Is It DEAD?

In this Episode: Old man habits, Energy Drink Review: RIP IT, Gut Check conquers Sweden, TV Crossovers, Awkward Silence, Return of the Randomizer, You're a mysoginist pig
Gut Check Podcast · 5M ago

Episode 63: Tactical Lashing

In this Episode: Trogges the Circlemaker, Impetus to Tweet, Cliff Graham Training Debrief, Gut Check Army Forced Relocation, Silvedome vs. Gettys