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Gut Check Podcast · 5d ago

Episode 77: Loose in the Roose

Israel, part 3. Terrible audio meets spectac content in the final Israel Bootleg Ep (this one not-so-live). Ted and Zach talk with Cliff Graham, Jay Casten, and a host of others. Excluse to ...
Gut Check Podcast · 1W ago

Sneak-Peek of Clinch: A Podcast of Fiction and Not-Fiction

S01 Chapter 01: "I promise, it won't kill you." In the premier episode, Trenton Marsh rushes to save his life and make a connection with Zoe, while Zach puts all his cards on the table.
Gut Check Podcast · 1W ago

Episode 76: Unsheckled

Israel, part 2. Ted and Zach sit down on the shores of the Sea of Galilee with Cliff Graham and Jay Casten to discuss Israel and work through some interpersonal stuff
Gut Check Podcast · 1W ago

Episode 75: FERPA

Israel, part 1. Ted, Zach, and Kristin talk live in Tel Aviv about international travel, New York, and Marshalls.
Gut Check Podcast · 2M ago

Episode 74: All Out of Sorts

Energy Drink Review--Mossy Oak Pursuit Orange, Movie Review: Code of Honor (2016, Lion's Gate, 106 minutes, but only 90 minutes when you skip the strip club scene), An opportunity lost, Scho...
Gut Check Podcast · 3M ago

Episode 73: Can We Take You Higher?

Ted is an angsty teenaged girl and also a young, relevant dad; Smoking book hard cover; Cover reveals and dustjackets; Movies and shows that don't hold up; Reaching today's youth with the Ni...
Gut Check Podcast · 3M ago

Episode 72: Screenwriting 101

In this episode: Bromancing the 'Trogges, Buddy Cop Movies, The Shack movie, and #TedLetsUsDown
Gut Check Podcast · 4M ago

Episode 71: Sprechen Sie Talk

Ted Kluck and Zachary Bartels are two authors/business moguls. In this podcast, they chat about cigars, energy drinks, Israel, movies, white papers, bad internet connections, heartwarming st...
Gut Check Podcast · 5M ago

Episode 70: Podcasting 101

In this episode, Ted has Zach Skype in as a guest for his J-term podcasting class, which they then record and call an episode.
Gut Check Podcast · 6M ago

Episode 69: Men of Letters

In this episode: Gut Check Anniversaries, @TedKluckQuotes, New Die Hard Observations, The etymology of "Butt-hurt," Webis Contest winners