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Hacking Christianity · 1W ago

Methodists: BOTH-AND People in an EITHER-OR World

The coming loss of a single word in our identity is a blessing for some, but a tragedy for all.
Hacking Christianity · 2W ago

Three Takeaways from the Wesleyan Covenant Association Founding Document

Legally filed documents reveal three interesting aspects of the WCA that bear discussion.
Hacking Christianity · 3W ago

United Methodists need One Way Forward, not Three

History shows that when multiple options are debated at General Conference, everyone loses...
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

In Her Words: Reflections by Clergywomen on Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Church - #ChurchToo #MeToo

Reflections on sexual harassment and abuse in the Church and recommendations on how to change the culture.
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

Babel as Tool of Empire

What "Fire and Fury" reveals about the Empires of today was already known by a medieval my...
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

The Battle for Middle Methodism Has Begun

How moderates and "Middle Methodists" are on the menu for the next 3 years of United Metho...
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

Top 17 of 2017

The biggest posts of 2017--including a few surprises!
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

Twas the Night before Christmas (Postmodern Version)

A philosophical and theological retelling of the Christmas tale.
Hacking Christianity · 2M ago

Herod Slaughtered the Innocents After Christmas. The Republicans Did Not Wait.

Reflections on Biblical Guidance for how to respond to the Tax Reform of 2017.
Hacking Christianity · 2M ago

Where I Have Been…

A new hacker in the family!