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Hacking Christianity · 4d ago

La La Land and the Church

What the movie La La Land teaches the church and justice work about compromise and conflic...
Hacking Christianity · 5d ago

Taking the Wheel of the Madman

Three ways to cope with difficulty in the world around us.
Hacking Christianity · 1W ago

As goes Mississippi, so goes The #UMC

Church politics, economics, and leverage paint a rather dramatic picture of this moment pl...
Hacking Christianity · 1W ago

What really happens when a church leaves the #UMC

The ripple effects are waves upon not-too-distant shores
Hacking Christianity · 1W ago

The sad tale of the free Book of Discipline

Why do we place the work of the people behind a paywall?
Hacking Christianity · 2W ago

The Fake News Epidemic in The United Methodist Church

For almost 100 years, Methodists have believed in Fake News that has not stood the test of...
Hacking Christianity · 3W ago

Crowdsourcing: Liberation for Lent?

Call for readings and topics for a Lenten reading schedule
Hacking Christianity · 3W ago

To be a prophet, first be a priest

The era of protest and resistance can't forget care and concern.
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

We will not go quietly into the night

Progressive America on Inauguration Day, 2017.
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

What’s a Christian to do with a Cheater-In-Chief?

Professional Wrestling, Confirmation hearings, ethics disclosures, and how politics can poison the well of the Church.