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Hacking Christianity · 2W ago

Denominations are Dinosaurs, except when Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes, we are reminded that we are better together.
Hacking Christianity · 2W ago

Should Reducing Hate be a Measure of Church Effectiveness?

Is it more important that we count people in the pews and dollars in the plate, or the amo...
Hacking Christianity · 4W ago

Does The Eclipse Solve a Biblical Conundrum?

How a cosmic event helped address a biblical conundrum for me.
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

The Clergywomen behind the Hillary Rodham Clinton Devotional Book

Supporting women's voices in the pulpits and public service means talking to and about the...
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

Google Diversity Memo: Wrong on Gender, Right on the Church

An anti-diversity memo from a dissident Google employee reveals much about how the Church ...
Hacking Christianity · 2M ago

Why Christians shouldn’t make fun of poverty culture

The poor will always be with you--but that doesn't make them the butt of jokes.
Hacking Christianity · 2M ago

The #UMC Covenant will be Stronger in #NextMethodism

Three ways how the Clergy Covenant must change in whatever is Next for Methodism.
Hacking Christianity · 2M ago

What #NextMethodism Really Says about the #UMC

Are we looking to renovate Methodism--or repeal and replace it?
Hacking Christianity · 3M ago

Practice the #UMC Covenant Before You Prosecute

Annual conference debates about the Clergy Covenant and Upholding Methodism are pointed at...
Hacking Christianity · 3M ago

The Playground Problem for the Country Club of Orthodoxy

Playgrounds and Country Clubs offer insights into the centered and bounded sets of Christi...