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Hacking Christianity · 21h ago

Preachers should write for free

Paywalled sermons and studies are a detriment to the growth of the Body of Christ.
Hacking Christianity · 3d ago

UMC Schismatics are now in Plain View…but Why?

They finally pulled back the curtain. Only now, at the end, do you understand.
Hacking Christianity · 6d ago

A Wrinkle in Time’s Watered Down Theology

A guest post by a reader who found a disconnect between the spirituality of the book and t...
Hacking Christianity · 1W ago

Practicing God’s YES in a Culture of NO - Unity of Diversity must overcome a Culture of Division

Either we embrace that God’s Yes is for all...or we don’t.
Hacking Christianity · 2W ago

Wishing for a Top 25 UMCs List We Could Actually Use

Celebrating the top 1% of Methodism is fine, but imagine what inspiration we might find by...
Hacking Christianity · 2W ago

The UMC is Hanging by a Thread from the Bishops’ Robes

United Methodism, like at no point in our history, hangs on the action of the Bishops in t...
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

Are pastors best as Instigators, Editors, or Publishers? - Seth Godin's Changemaker Triangle

Seth Godin has three helpful categories to help pastors better lead their congregations an...
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

Methodists: BOTH-AND People in an EITHER-OR World

The coming loss of a single word in our identity is a blessing for some, but a tragedy for all.
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

Three Takeaways from the Wesleyan Covenant Association Founding Document

Legally filed documents reveal three interesting aspects of the WCA that bear discussion.
Hacking Christianity · 1M ago

United Methodists need One Way Forward, not Three

History shows that when multiple options are debated at General Conference, everyone loses...