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Hand to Heart · 1M ago

Sequence Sorting Puzzles or First, Next and Last

Learning about sequencing can be fun using this activity!Sequence Sorting Puzzles:First, Next, and Last Tell or Write The StoryHere are 15 sets of three puzzle pieces teaching the concept of...
Hand to Heart · 3M ago

Sweet Goodbyes!

I am sharing a creative idea to end the day for little learners. It is a fun way to say goodbye using dessert words!Goodbye Rhymes or Sayings Dessert CardsThere are 20 card pages with two de...
Hand to Heart · 4M ago

Planning For Next Year.....Already!

Is it too early to start thinking about educating little learners for next year?No!     Yes!    No!    Yes!    No!    Depends.....It is never too early to start thinking about getting ready ...
Hand to Heart · 5M ago

TpT Sale!

I'm having a sale for all educators! Christine Maxwell Hand to Heart TpT Store
Hand to Heart · 5M ago

Thank An Educator!

Here is a set of free bookmarks for you or someone that you know, that has made a difference in the life of a child or another person. The Starfish Story It is a great product for administra...
Hand to Heart · 5M ago

My May Days!

 May 1st, often called May Day, just might have more holidays than any other day of the year. It's a celebration of spring. It's a day of political protests. It's a saint's feast day and a d...
Hand to Heart · 7M ago

Puzzles, Puzzles and More Puzzles

Puzzles are such a fun way to introduce, practice and evaluate learning skills! I have many available for different learning concepts, but the most popular one is Antonym Puzzle Match-30 Opp...
Hand to Heart · 7M ago

I Was Tweeted by TpT!

It is a known fact that everyone loves a shoutout! Thank you TpT for tweetingabout my blog post!TpT TweetRead the blog post here!Warm Fuzzies
Hand to Heart · 8M ago

World Read Aloud Day!

"LitWorld was founded in 2007 after Executive Director, Pam Allyn, renowned literacy educator and author, visited Kibera, an area of extreme poverty in Nairobi, Kenya. There, she experienced...
Hand to Heart · 9M ago

One of a Kind Snowflakes and Snow Globes

The weather outside is frightful or delightful, depending on how you see it! If you have snow or no snow here are two fun activities for making memorable snowflakes and snow globes.Geometric...