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Hand to Heart · 1M ago

Heart Wreath of Deliberate Moments of Caring

 This is a memorable craft that not only creates a beautiful finished heart wreath, but it fosters simple acts of caring! Bend a clothes hanger into a heart shape. The handle at the top bend...
Hand to Heart · 1M ago

Winter Bookmarks Reading Is Snow Much Fun!

 Free! Here are two pages of bookmarks for winter. One page is in color and the other is black and white.Free! Snowman Bookmarks "Reading is SNOW much fun!"They can be used to motivate readi...
Hand to Heart · 2M ago

The Ugly Sweaters of Christmas!

Oh, the sweaters of Christmas, they have been given such a bad rap!I love Christmas sweaters! It was very special to have a decorated sweater for Christmas as I was growing up! It was even b...
Hand to Heart · 3M ago

Turkey Races Graphing Using Cube Kleenex Box or Dice Template!

Horizontal and vertical graphing can sometimes be very confusing for little learners, but turkeys can make it a concept easy to understand!I have created a new turkey version of a similar w...
Hand to Heart · 3M ago

Here A Turkey, There A Turkey, Everywhere Turkeys And Turkeys!

Looking for a different and simple way to create the turkey bird with little people?  This project uses pinecones which can be found anywhere that there are evergreen trees. While there are ...
Hand to Heart · 5M ago

Sequence Sorting Puzzles or First, Next and Last

Learning about sequencing can be fun using this activity!Sequence Sorting Puzzles:First, Next, and Last Tell or Write The StoryHere are 15 sets of three puzzle pieces teaching the concept of...
Hand to Heart · 7M ago

Sweet Goodbyes!

I am sharing a creative idea to end the day for little learners. It is a fun way to say goodbye using dessert words!Goodbye Rhymes or Sayings Dessert CardsThere are 20 card pages with two de...
Hand to Heart · 8M ago

Planning For Next Year.....Already!

Is it too early to start thinking about educating little learners for next year?No!     Yes!    No!    Yes!    No!    Depends.....It is never too early to start thinking about getting ready ...
Hand to Heart · 9M ago

TpT Sale!

I'm having a sale for all educators! Christine Maxwell Hand to Heart TpT Store
Hand to Heart · 9M ago

Thank An Educator!

Here is a set of free bookmarks for you or someone that you know, that has made a difference in the life of a child or another person. The Starfish Story It is a great product for administra...