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Handbags, Books...Whatever · 1d ago

Handbag and Book w Kathleen Krevat: A Birthday Gift from Hubby #birthdaygift #accessory #worksofart

 My husband bought me this gorgeous handbag as a birthday gift. It was created by one of my most creative friends, which is saying a lot! Susan Forte O’Neil. She’s an amazing artist, designe...
Handbags, Books...Whatever · 5d ago

Handbag and Book w #author Melissa Keir: More Christmas Lovin' #boxedset #Christmasstories #bargainshopping

I’m a bargain shopper. Most of my handbags come from Target…on clearance. After my husband decided to splurge and get me a quality leather purse, I literally wore it out. We were on vacation...
Handbags, Books...Whatever · 1W ago

Handbag and Book: Don't want to carry a purse w Constance Bretes #musthaves #contemporary romance

I am not one to have to carry purses anymore. It used to be that I had to carry a suitcase purse for all my stuff that I had to have available and handy. There are certain things that I MUST...
Handbags, Books...Whatever · 1W ago

Handbag and Book: What's your favorite toy? #classictoy #boardgames #Christmaspresent

How many of you grew up playing board games, or baseball/softball, or making your own toys?For the Class of 2017, the National Toy Hall of Fame released their selections that received supers...
Handbags, Books...Whatever · 2W ago

Handbag and Book: Shopping for a bag in an unlikely spot #antiquemall #newwithtags #handbag

Over Thanksgiving, my daughter in law and I traveled to my favorite antique mall in search of treasures. Mostly, I look for transferware serving pieces; however, every now and then, I find a...
Handbags, Books...Whatever · 2W ago

Handbag and Book : #Thanksgiving

 May your day be filled with great joy, family, friends, gratitude, and good pie.  Many hugs, vb
Handbags, Books...Whatever · 3W ago

Checking out sassy gifts w Pauline Baird Jones #mystery #accessories #Zulily

Handbag and Book with Pauline Baird Jones This very sassy handbag was a gift from my sister. She got it from the so awesome Zulily (crack for stress shoppers?).  The designer/line is Anuschk...
Handbags, Books...Whatever · 3W ago

5 Ways to Make Your Colonoscopy Easier #doctorstuff #medicalprocedure

About a year and a half ago, I was told by my doctor it was time to schedule a mammogram and a colonoscopy. The mammogram was pretty easy. I do have boobs and they squish them close to panca...
Handbags, Books...Whatever · 4W ago

Handbag and Book: The Leaves are Falling #autumn #freebook

 Every Sunday, Handsome and I walk four miles. We go from our house through the shopping center, past the post office and turn down one of the most beautiful streets lined with homes, the ea...
Handbags, Books...Whatever · 1M ago

Handbag and Book: The Holiday Dupe #Christmas #presents #holidayboxedset

 Recently, I conversed with someone who shared his hilarious Christmas remembrance. Every December, presents were piled around his family’s tree in the living room, but no one dared to enter...