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haniz eyecandy · 1d ago

Evernote for digital lifestyle

One of many ways to living a digital lifestyle is to use technology as much as possible. O...
haniz eyecandy · 3d ago

Day 17: Important women in my life

Important women in my lifeThe lists readsmy mothermy daughterall the ladies in memory keeping industrymy colleague my ladies friends
haniz eyecandy · 3d ago

Day 16: Tasks I am putting off

Tasks I'm putting off The lists readsclean out our living roomgroceries shopping for this month (I'm running out of rice)talking to him even though he doesn't want to talkworking out dailycl...
haniz eyecandy · 3d ago

Day 15: Playlists for today's mood

Playlists for today's moodThe lists readsIn a car playlistQuranBallad from the 80's
haniz eyecandy · 3d ago

Day 14: I can't stop talking about ..

 I can't stop talking about ..The lists readsmemory keepingtravelTV shows I am obsess at the momentthe new announcementApple watch
haniz eyecandy · 1w ago

Day 13: Hobbies I started but never kept up {#30dayslists}

Today was insane! Apple finally announced the new iPhone X. People get excited with this n...
haniz eyecandy · 1W ago

Day 12: Ways I can Encourage Others {#30daysoflists}

Ways I can encourage othersThe lists readscall them and just talkgive them a gifttake them out for lunchmovie night outsharing my passion with them
haniz eyecandy · 1W ago

Day 11: How I keep up with the news {#30daysoflists}

There are so many news or content created every seconds. Keeping up with them can be a cha...
haniz eyecandy · 1W ago

The Lucky Ones by Mark Edwards

What the book is all about?"When a woman’s body is found in the grounds of a ruined priory...
haniz eyecandy · 1W ago

Day 10: Ways to disconnet {#30daysoflists}

Staying connected all the time can be really exhausted. Sometimes it's a great idea to dis...