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Harriet Devine's Blog · 1d ago

Woman Reading

This is 'Madame Hassan in a Red Robe Reading' by Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940).
Harriet Devine's Blog · 5d ago

What You Want to See by Kristen Lepionka

I'm always pleased when books turn up in my mailbox unsolicited. I don't always read them, of course, but it's a great way of discovering excellent books and authors that have escaped the ra...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 2W ago

The Dark Angel by Elly Griffiths

A new Ruth Galloway novel by Elly Griffiths is always one of the high points of my reading year. This one actually came out in February, but I've only just read it - I was saving it up for t...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 2W ago

Quartet in Autumn (1977 failure)

When Simon and Kaggsy announced the 1977 Club, I immediately checked a list of publications for that year. I was overjoyed to find a Barbara Pym I hadn't read, and ordered the book well in a...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 3W ago

Woman Reading

This one is by the rather curiously named Aimée Brune Pagés (1803-1866), who I'd never heard of till I spotted this and googled her. She doesn't have a wikipedia entry - the link is actually...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 3W ago

Blind Defence by John Fairfax

'A Benson and De Vere Novel', says the blurb. You won't know who they are unless you've read John Fairfax's first novel, Summary Justice, which I reviewed here. As the titles of these two no...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 4W ago

Two Women, One with a Book

At least I assume it's a book. This is 'Summertime, Cornwall' by the incomparable Dame Laura Knight (1877-1970).
Harriet Devine's Blog · 1M ago

Staying On by Paul Scott: The 1977 Club

Many years ago – in 1984 to be exact – there was a brilliant series on TV called The Jewel in the Crown. It was based on four books by Paul Scott which came to be known as the Raj...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 1M ago

Two Women with a Book

Henri Manguin (1874-1949) was a French artist associated with the Fauvist movement. Wild brushwork and strident colours were their trademark -you can see that in the green and orange shading...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 1M ago

Girl Reading

This is 'A Bedtime Story' by Seymour Joseph Guy (1824-1910). Born in England, lived in America. He apparently liked painting children - just as well as he had nine of them,