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Harriet Devine's Blog · 1W ago

Woman Reading

I think this is just called Reading. It's by the Italian artist Gioacchino Toma (1838-1891), who I'd never heard of before. Pleasantly domestic.
Harriet Devine's Blog · 2W ago

Swans on an Autumn River by Sylvia Townsend Warner

Short stories are not my genre of choice. I rarely read them unless collections come to me for review, and I don't actually remember ever buying one for pure reading pleasure. Until now. A f...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 2W ago

Girl Reading to Children

This is 'A Bedtime Story', painted in 1878 by the American artist Seymour Joseph Guy (1824-1910). Kindly sent to me by a fired - thanks, Ruth!
Harriet Devine's Blog · 3W ago

Lullaby by Leila Slimani on Shiny

I've been more absent than usual on here lately, and that's largely because a couple of weeks ago my cats managed to drag my laptop off the table onto the tiled floor. where it smashed beyon...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 4W ago

Scarweather by Anthony Rolls

It's no secret that I'm a great lover of classic crime, and luckily my appetite for it is fed by the arrival from time to time of a lovely package of British Library Crime Classics. Some get...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 1M ago

Boy with Book

Painted by the sublime (and sublimely beautiful) Russian artist Zinaida Serebriakova (1884-1967) this is a portrait of her son Alexander, who became a painter himself. She was born into a fa...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 1M ago

The Longest Journey by EM Forster

I never was attached to that great sect, Whose doctrine is that each one should select Out of the crowd a mistress or a friend, And all the rest, though fair and wise, commend, To cold obliv...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 1M ago

Two Girls Reading

This is 'Two Girls Reading on a Bench' by the French artist Georges d'Espagnat (1870-1950). His Wikipedia entry, which is in French, tells us very little apart from the fact that he attended...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 1M ago

Best of 2017

Happy New Year all. I couldn't let 2017 pass by without a look back at what I've read and loved this year. It's rather arbitrary, and I may have let much loved books slip thought my fingers,...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 1M ago

Woman Reading

The full title of this lovely image is ' Twilight Interior, Reading by Lamplight', painted in 1909 by the English artist George Clausen (1852-1944). I thought it was very suitable for this p...