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Harriet Devine's Blog · 14h ago

The Blue Castle by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I missed out on Lucy Maud Montgomery when I was a child, but happily discovered her a few years ago and gobbled up a number of her novels with great delight. I even wrote a short biography o...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 4d ago

Second Sight by Sally Emerson

I’m always in the market for a reprint, so when the publisher offered me this one, I was pleased to accept, despite the fact that I’d never heard of Sally Emerson. Perhaps you have, though. ...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 1w ago

Woman Reading

This very charming painting is by Louis Émile Adan (1839-1937), a French artist and illustrator.
Harriet Devine's Blog · 2W ago

The Deepest Grave by Harry Bingham

This is the sixth of Harry Bingham's Fiona Griffiths novels, and if you haven't read them yet you really need to get onto it as soon as possible. Fiona is without doubt one of the most fasci...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 3W ago

Girl with Book

This is Mary Lapsley Caught, painted in 1916 by John Butler Yeats (1839-1922), whose son was of course the celebrated Irish poet William Butler (W.B.) Yeats.
Harriet Devine's Blog · 3W ago

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

Well! I started out really disliking this book and ended up really loving it. That's not something that happens very often - in fact I can't remember a book I've actually gone on reading whe...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 4W ago

Victorian Girls Take a Selfie

Well, what do you think they're doing? This is by the Swedish artist Knut Ekwall (1843-1912).
Harriet Devine's Blog · 4W ago

Re-reading Josephine Tey...

...and not for the first time. Her thoughtful, intriguing mystery novels have called me back many times over the years. The last one I reviewed on here was The Daughter of Time, which was vo...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 1M ago

Girl Reading

This painting, 'The Quiet Hour', is by the British artist Dod Proctor (1890-1972). Born Doris Shaw, she married a fellow artist Ernest Proctor, and they often worked together until his death...
Harriet Devine's Blog · 1M ago

Fludd by Hilary Mantel

SaveSave I seem to be well and truly fixed in my exploration of so-called modern classics. This one was an audiobook, first published in 1989, and one of the few novels by Hilary Mantel I ha...