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Head · 10M ago

Got HEAD? Get It Now!

Missed a screening butWanna see HEAD?Check out the film now onI BLEED INDIEor VHXAnd don't forget to follow HEAD on FACEBOOK!
Head · 1Y ago

Even More Love For HEAD - Horror Geek Life

Thank you to Curt over at Horror Geek Life for his great review of HEAD!Check it out HERE!All over a great weekend for reviews!
Head · 1Y ago

LA Horror Loves HEAD!

In case you missed it - HEAD keeps getting love!This time from LA Horror!Check out the review HEREAnd don't forget you can still rent and purchase HEAD on VHX or I Bleed Indie!
Head · 1Y ago

The Movie Sleuth - Thanks!!!

The Movie Sleuth's Top Ten of year?Yup...  HEAD is there!
Head · 1Y ago

HEAD on The Movie Sleuth!

Happy New Year!A new review of HEAD has just been published this week over on The Movie Sleuth.And we're happy to say they loved the flick!Check out the review HEREAnd rent or buy HEAD HERE!...
Head · 1Y ago


The perfect way to spend New Year's Eve!HEAD is now part of the I Bleed Indie family!It's now available for rent or purchase!So get HEAD now!  HERE!
Head · 1Y ago

iHorror Interview and article!

HEAD director Jon Bristol was recently interviewed for an article on the film!  Give it a read HERE!
Head · 1Y ago

Horror Metal Sounds intervierw with Jon Bristol

PJ Griffith of Horror Metal Sounds recently did an interview with HEAD director Jon Bristol.Check it out now and don't forget to check out HEAD now on VHX!
Head · 1Y ago

Thank you for an amazing run!

We at Elmwood started this blog to follow the production and release of HEAD a few years ago.  And now it's all out there, the movie has been made, it's screened all over the world (even tak...
Head · 1Y ago

10/29 - Our LAST screening of 2016!

The last screening of the year is tomorrow nite at The Firehouse Art Gallery in Milford CT!Please join us for a great time!  And feel free to dress up for Halloween!!!Elmwood Productions is ...