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Health, Wellness and Wellbeing · 4W ago

Alzheimer's, Dementia - Stressful Life Experiences Age the Brain by Four Years, African Americans Most at Risk

- Four studies highlight racial disparities in dementia risk and incidence - A series of studies reported at the 2017 Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC 2017) in London ...
Health, Wellness and Wellbeing · 1M ago

Blink Health Giving Away $10 Million Worth Of Free Diabetes Medications

Patients Who Create An Account on Leading Prescription Drug Savings Platform Blink Health Will Receive a Free, One-Year Supply of Three Most Prescribed Generic Type-2 Diabetes Medications: ...
Health, Wellness and Wellbeing · 2M ago

Support DeColonaise: A Revolution for Hair and Body, the African National Women's Organization Indiegogo campaign

Health, Wellness and Wellbeing · 2M ago

Swimways, the USA Swimming Foundation & Olympic Medalist, Elizabeth Beisel, Are Making Waves to Raise Awareness About the Importance of Learning to Swim

National Learn to Swim Day, on May 20th, Aims to Educate Americans on this Essential Life Skill to Reduce Childhood Drownings VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - Fact: 10 people ...
Health, Wellness and Wellbeing · 3M ago

The Complete Guide To Safe Sex

By Andy Gibson | Long before AIDS made an entry into our dictionaries and our daily paranoias, there were other sexual scares: syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and genital warts, to name a fe...
Health, Wellness and Wellbeing · 4M ago

Noise, Noise, NOISE! Could New York Neighborhood Noise Be Good for Poor Residents?

Loud workplace noise has been found by many studies to cause harm, but a recent analysis links the sounds of all-night car horn blasts and shouting by bar revelers in New York City's noisies...
Health, Wellness and Wellbeing · 5M ago

Breast Cancer Survivor, Karla Antoinette Baptiste, Using Memoir to Build an Oncology Center in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

 In 2007, not long after fulfilling her dream of living in Paris, France, Karla Baptiste was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer at the age of 34.She had just received her MBA and, like m...
Health, Wellness and Wellbeing · 5M ago

African American men represent high-risk for prostate cancer and are less likely than other men to use early detection screening

Black Men Potentially Impacted Negatively By Fewer PSA Screenings. Our best line of defense is a PSA test. We have known for years that African American men represent a high-risk group for...
Health, Wellness and Wellbeing · 5M ago

Mixing Bodies and Cultures: Love, Race and Prejudice

By Bhekisisa Mncube | When it comes to marriage, I jumped off the cliff, I married a white woman.…
Health, Wellness and Wellbeing · 7M ago

Glaucoma: The Sight Thief - six to eight times more common in African Americans.

Most Americans do not realize that glaucoma typically has no early warning signs or symptoms. Glaucoma affects 2.7 million people in the United States and is the second leading cause of bl...