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Hearing Elmo · 6M ago

Your Responses Matter

I need your help. I am in the data collection stage of my dissertation and need online survey participants. The focus of my study is Posttraumatic Growth in persons with acquired disability ...
Hearing Elmo · 7M ago

My Name is Milo and I Was Afraid of Fidgets

  I can’t tell you how much fun it is to be on service dog partner #2. Milo (and Chloe), both trained at Fidos For Freedom, Inc. and could not be more different. Milo(bear) is timid… More
Hearing Elmo · 8M ago

Comparisons Are Rarely Healthy

This summer I traveled to North Carolina to attend my nephew’s wedding. Although we didn’t get to spend very much time while there, it was great to see all my extended family. My parents and...
Hearing Elmo · 8M ago

Mitochondrial Disease in the News

I love having guest writers at Hearing Elmo because it helps all my readers understand and stay informed about various disabilities that, frankly? I have very little information and certainl...
Hearing Elmo · 9M ago

Why Using Opioids to Treat Chronic Pain Is Problematic and What You Can Do Instead

It is always a treat to have guest writers at Hearing Elmo. Today, we welcome Jackie Waters. Jackie is a mother, a homemaker, and a farmer who lives with her family on their farm in… More
Hearing Elmo · 9M ago

When You Want to Smack ‘Em With Your Cane

When you are differently-abled, going to the bathroom can be a pain in the… well? … BUTT. If you are partnered with a service dog, it can make the process even trickier until you get… More
Hearing Elmo · 10M ago

This is My Fight Song

The first time I heard Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song“, it was actually sung by a different  young woman who had faced a life threatening illness and “won”. You can find Calysta Bevier’s audit...
Hearing Elmo · 11M ago

A Prisoner of STIGMA

Tonight (4/19/17) is the 2nd annual d.A.M.N. event (disABILITY Memoirs and Notes) at Anne Arundel Community College. I was asked to share my presentation on Hearing Elmo. PowerPoint: https:/...
Hearing Elmo · 12M ago

Why YOU Should be a Disability Advocate

In a recent class discussion, I asked my students what advocacy, community service, or non-profit organizations they were involved in and what prompted them to do so. Young Americans get a l...
Hearing Elmo · 1Y ago

Sometimes It Takes Work to Stay Positive

When my alarm goes off, Milo (who is laying in a ginormous dog bed on the floor by me) hops up and nudges my face and arms. There are days where my eyes pop open… More