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Hearing Elmo · 3W ago

Half a Stick of Juicy Fruit Gum

I miss my grandmother (Vina Jewell Burhenn – Isn’t her name the GREATEST?). As I stopped to think about how to approach my subject for Hearing Elmo this week, I found myself thinking of a… M...
Hearing Elmo · 4W ago

Coming to Terms

It is always a treat when guest writers post for “Hearing Elmo”. I never wanted this blog space to be all about “me” and my own issues. Please let me know if YOU would like… More
Hearing Elmo · 1M ago

Civility and Respect

Milo-bear and I have been partners eighteen months now. I would have to say most of the wrinkles have been ironed out. I suppose anyone who has had a service dog long enough to be… More
Hearing Elmo · 2M ago

You Don’t Just Decide

… to not be depressed. I should have gone into acting. My students and coworkers would be so surprised to learn how tough this past month has been. I have been struggling to write, but hones...
Hearing Elmo · 3M ago

One-Eyed, One Horn, Flying Purple People Eater

Sheb Wooley released a song in 1958 called the “One-Eyed, One Horn, Flying Purple People Eater“. I know this not because I was there (ahem), but heard the song throughout my childhood. If yo...
Hearing Elmo · 3M ago

Let It Go – Or It’ll Kill You

I am home today grading papers, writing my dissertation, and doing laundry. I love laundry. No. Really! I love laundry! So needless to say, I’m in my “happy place” today in spite of some spr...
Hearing Elmo · 3M ago

Could I Have Just a Little More Time?

I read this today from a fellow blogger and it really spoke to me. I have felt this way about my relationship with my husband and kids, even close friends. MSnubutterflies   Could I Have… Mo...
Hearing Elmo · 4M ago

Crappy Life Lessons

I’ve had to force myself to log onto “Hearing Elmo” and write SOMETHING. Anything! I don’t like for too much time to go by and not be writing. Writing, blogging, and “talking to you” is… Mor...
Hearing Elmo · 4M ago

Can You Be Arrested for That?

I have friends who are police officers. One, Carl, is actually chief of police for a district in our area. I see him most Sundays, and tomorrow I plan to ask him, “Can you be… More
Hearing Elmo · 5M ago

Coping with Disability

Always such a privilege and joy to welcome guest writers to “Hearing Elmo”… especially those who have made an impact on my own life! Ruth’s blog can be found at: