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Heather Soodak Illustration · 1W ago

Happy Mother's Day on Land or Sea!

Having two mom's means two handmade cards! Happy Mother's Day!Mother's Day Seal of Approval 4.5x4.5" Acrylic on handmade paper 2017with the card opened to show the handmade paper on the back
Heather Soodak Illustration · 1M ago

Everybody Be a Bunny!

Bunny Day 2017 9x12 watercolor Can you find all of the hidden easter eggs?
Heather Soodak Illustration · 3M ago

Painting Penguins

I taught a mini private storytelling art lesson addition to creating her own story and character, my student learned some watercolor techniques. Fun times!    step by step waterco...
Heather Soodak Illustration · 3M ago

Autobiographical Comic- Birds

I was taking a walk with my dog the other day when this happened:
Heather Soodak Illustration · 4M ago

Happy 2017!

Wishing you all a 2017 full of love, health, and happiness...with silly hats, of course! These designs are done for this year's postcard and mailer. Next year don't forget to be creative and...
Heather Soodak Illustration · 6M ago

First Newsletter

I sent out my first Newsletter! Check it out for updates and holiday gift sales! Send your e-mail to if you would like to be added to the list as I will do regular drawings...
Heather Soodak Illustration · 7M ago

Inktober 1- Fast

Inktober is back! Here is some info: Join and create! What could be more "fast" (today's theme) than a seahorse race?  I used a variety of color inks and my ...
Heather Soodak Illustration · 8M ago

Frida Fest Art Show

The Frida Fest in Hollywood this past weekend was great! So much beautiful artwork and performances really embracing everything Frida Kahlo, it was an honor to be a part of it."Frida Catlo" ...
Heather Soodak Illustration · 9M ago

Cristina and Stephen

We just celebrated a beautiful wedding with our friends, here is their animal portrait! 
Heather Soodak Illustration · 11M ago

City of Hope 19th Pediatric Picnic

City of Hope Pediatric Picnic Success! It was such a wonderful event for the families, it was an honor to meet some of the families, draw for the kids, and meet talented cartoonists and comi...