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Joanne Hillman

Reads about: christian, author interviews, politics, writing, women

Jennifer Vander Klip...

Reads about: writing, books, book reviews, encouragement, indiana

Jan Parrish

Reads about: christian, faith, writing, family, books

Sherrie Lord

Reads about: writing, books, romance, authors, politics

Darcie Yetter Gudger

Reads about: faith, life, journey, humor, writing

Andrea Bowling Perdu...

Reads about: christian, writing, faith, books, christianity

Pamela Robinson Jame...

Reads about: writing, christian, christianity, book reviews, books

Niki Turner

Reads about: writing, books, faith, christian, family

Deanna Mccarty

Reads about: writing, christian, faith, author, writer

Cathy West I'm an author of inspirational contemporary romance. My debut novel, Yesterday's Tomorrow, is set to...

Reads about: writing, christian, books, faith, fiction

Evangeline Denmark

Reads about: humor, christian, writing, mom, women

Annette O'Hare I am a Christian Author of Young Adult (Middle Grade) fiction mystery. Married with three children, ...

Reads about: christianity, books, christian, writing, humor

Shannon Mcnear

Reads about: writing, fiction, christian, writing tips, editing

Lisa Peterson Hampsh...

Reads about: journey, writing

Gina Conroy I used to think I knew where my life was headed, now I’m leaning on the Lord to show me the way. Whe...

Reads about: writing, faith, parenting, christian, family

Sarah Wesgate Wife, Mom, and passionate student of leadership on a mission to raise children with the heart and sk...

Reads about: faith, life, living free, parenting, writers encouragement

Claudia Love Mair

Reads about: writing, books, fiction, christianity, christian

Jill Hups

Reads about: writing, family, hope, christian, god

Megan Dimaria

Reads about: books, book reviews, christian, author interviews, writing

Author Linda Rondeau

Reads about: writing, books, fiction, christian, reviews

Marjorie Geary Vawte...

Reads about: writing, books, christianity, christian, reviews

Ane Mulligan

Reads about: writing, books, christian, faith, fiction

Heather A. Goodman

Reads about: writing, art, authors, faith, books

Carla Mcdougal Believer. Wife. Mother. Ministry leader. Real. Authentic. Personal. Author/Speaker/Founder for Refle...

Reads about: christian, faith, humor, family, authors

Paul E. Dawn Jr.

Reads about: writing, faith, christian, christianity, technology

Robbie Iobst

Reads about: humor, writing, christian, faith, variety

Christine Griffith C...

Reads about: prolife, faith, journey, living free, writing

Michele Trethewey Cu...

Reads about: faith, life, christian, family, variety

Heather D. Tipton

Reads about: writing, faith, books, humor, christian

Jamie Bond I love to read and network!

Jamie Bond is a poet who loves guns so much
she tries to spyt hollow...

Reads about: writing, poetry, books, life, publishing

Cynthia Hope Green

Reads about: writing, christian, books, faith, family

Brandy Bruce

Reads about: books, writing, parenting, reviews, humor

Trisha Tonne Ontiver...

Reads about: writing, music, life, christian, worship leader

Kathleen Leitzell Ra...

Reads about: writing, parenting, humor, italy, family

Sharen Watson

Reads about: writers encouragement, family, christian writers, christian, writing inspiration

Mark Young Writer, husband and father. Write mystery novels. Life experiences include three decades in law enfo...

Reads about: writing, fiction, faith, books, christian

Jennifer L Farey

Reads about: writing, writers and authors, fiction, christian women, inspirational fiction

Holly Smith White I'm a Christian woman who enjoys reading, writing, American history, and photography. I love using e...

Reads about: book reviews, books, writing, christian, fiction

Audra Christensen Si...

Reads about: writing, faith, christian, parenting, family

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