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Heidi Horticulture · 1W ago

Apiosporina morbosa - AKA Sh*t on a Stick

Please excuse the crudeness of Sh*t on a Stick, but that was the first coined term I was taught 25+ years ago. It stuck and I will never forget it. lolIt certainly depicts poop on a stick, d...
Heidi Horticulture · 1M ago

Plant Profile: Calycanthus floridus / Carolina Allspice

There's nothing more enjoyable than spotting a beautiful, not so common shrub among the familiar.Having visited the Toronto Botanical Gardens today, I had the privilege to take some photos o...
Heidi Horticulture · 1M ago

DIY - Making Your Own Potting Soil for Herb Containers

If you want herbs to grow well in containers, then I can't stress it enough - making your own potting soil can't compare with store-bought bags.The old adage: you are what you eat. It bears ...
Heidi Horticulture · 1M ago

Helpful hint: Dahlias

Dahlias are at their peak now. I can't stress it enough - you MUST deadhead them to help keep them blooming. Keeping them from going to seed is quintessential but even more importantly.........
Heidi Horticulture · 2M ago

Mild Winter = Bugs Every Where! Look Closely!

With this past mild winter, our wet early spring and now the heat and humidity; bugs are reproducing rapidly.So far, I've seen aphid clusters by the thousands: Mealy Bugs:Viburnum Beetles:
Heidi Horticulture · 3M ago

Pet Peeve - Mulched Trees (aka the Coned Volcano)

So many new trees are going to be planted in the next few weeks.  I wonder how many will be mulched like this disaster:This may be a harsh opinion, but it's warranted. Not only has the tree ...
Heidi Horticulture · 3M ago

Toronto's High Park - Native Plant Sale: May 7th, 2017

If you live in the Toronto area and would like to know more about and to buy native plants  - please visit High Park's Native Plant Sale. Sunday May 7th, 2017Here's their info and website:Hi...
Heidi Horticulture · 3M ago

Heidi, What's Wrong with my Hinoki Cypress? It's going brown!

Growing Hinoki Cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa nana) in Southern Ontario can be a challenge at times, considering we get whopper winters occasionally. So when I was asked this question - I was...
Heidi Horticulture · 4M ago

Rose Mildew - Podosphaera pannosa (on Rosa glauca)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is concerned about Southern Ontario winters and spring thaws.  We never seem to get a slow warm up in spring anymore. Instead, there's constant fluctuations...
Heidi Horticulture · 4M ago

Overwintering Kale

Kale.....yummmm....kale. We bought this variety last summer called: Russian Red.The great aspect of harvesting kale as it grows, it gets taller and taller, which helps deter it from too much...