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Heidi Horticulture · 4d ago

Foraging: Shaggy Mane Mushrooms

I have fond memories of my Aunt (Tante) teaching me how to make hunter sauce with mushrooms (Jager Pilzsoße). She used fresh Chanterelles, but what I gleaned at the time, was the beauty behi...
Heidi Horticulture · 2W ago

Why I Collect Slugs In Autumn

I always try to find alternative methods of insect control. This wet spring and early summer made for a wonderful breeding ground for slugs.  But alas, we still have way too many slug holes....
Heidi Horticulture · 3W ago

Why I Remove All Hemerocallis Leaves In Early August

I get frustrated when folks complain about how their Daylilies look once the heat of the summer roles in. Especially when they want to remove and get rid of the plant because of it's poor ap...
Heidi Horticulture · 1M ago


Feeling blessed!There's been many times I nearly quit - so here's hoping the garden continues to teach me things that I can pass along to you!Thanks for visiting and making comments!
Heidi Horticulture · 1M ago

Jewelweed: A Natural Treatment For Insect Bites

This time of year, there isn't a day where I don't get stung or bit by some insect. Whether it be from accidentally disturbing an ant colony hill while weeding a bed, or pruning shrubs that ...
Heidi Horticulture · 1M ago

Mutant Rudbeckia

I like to introduce you to a two headed Black Eyed Susan.Rudbeckias (Black Eyed Susan) are part of the Asteraceae family, typically the daisy group of plants. They are known to have these an...
Heidi Horticulture · 2M ago

Apiosporina morbosa - AKA Sh*t on a Stick

Please excuse the crudeness of Sh*t on a Stick, but that was the first coined term I was taught 25+ years ago. It stuck and I will never forget it. lolIt certainly depicts poop on a stick, d...
Heidi Horticulture · 3M ago

Plant Profile: Calycanthus floridus / Carolina Allspice

There's nothing more enjoyable than spotting a beautiful, not so common shrub among the familiar.Having visited the Toronto Botanical Gardens today, I had the privilege to take some photos o...
Heidi Horticulture · 3M ago

DIY - Making Your Own Potting Soil for Herb Containers

If you want herbs to grow well in containers, then I can't stress it enough - making your own potting soil can't compare with store-bought bags.The old adage: you are what you eat. It bears ...
Heidi Horticulture · 3M ago

Helpful hint: Dahlias

Dahlias are at their peak now. I can't stress it enough - you MUST deadhead them to help keep them blooming. Keeping them from going to seed is quintessential but even more importantly.........