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High Heeled Traders · 1Y ago

More Women Traders Less Crash

I was invited for an interview recently by Greek Journalist Stav Dimitropoulous to lend my voice about women traders, given the new research on hormonal differences between men and women tra...
High Heeled Traders · 1Y ago

Why We Need Pink Cars

Recent market rally grinding to a halt with oil going back down again to $35 levels. Also saw an article when we see the biggest producer Saudi Arabia preparing for post-oil economy, this to...
High Heeled Traders · 1Y ago

Apple Is Not the Only Temptation

Apologies for the absence here in the blog, some wifi issues and then I had to go on a little trip as well with some friends to the highlands and feasted on strawberries. Since it was nearin...
High Heeled Traders · 2Y ago

Women’s Prosperity Summit

Investing is Like Shopping for Shoes! My best investing ideas and more at the Women’s Prosperity Summit a FREE online event by women, for women happening March 18-20. Register now! THROW ope...
High Heeled Traders · 2Y ago

Snoozing When Not Oozing

Today is the day! So exciting, because there is finally going to be some clarity about the “stimulus” that’s going to be unveiled by the European Central Bank. There was a long buildup to th...
High Heeled Traders · 2Y ago

Sloth Growth

I was right, in my last post last Friday “Braking Bulls” I said the trend going up is soon to slow down. There is no secret formula. What we saw were sharp declines then an opportunity for b...
High Heeled Traders · 2Y ago

Braking Bulls

(Updates below for Mar 7) It’s been a fun few weeks since we had that “OMG” days of market falls. As I’ve mentioned here in the blog, market will recover as we see signs that governments wil...