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Highland Rogue Writing · 2d ago

Chatting With Sherri II

I did another internet radio podcast thingy.  You can listen to it here:Chatting With Sherri
Highland Rogue Writing · 1w ago

Scouts and the Scouting Scouters

Eagles.  Eagles everywhere.Girls have actually been able to do "scouting" for some time now, but as part of the "Venture Scouts" program, not the Cubs or Boy Scouts.I'm mixed on this. The BS...
Highland Rogue Writing · 1W ago

You Can't Take Back a Bullet

The beginning—not the only, not the end.There has been NO END of discussion about gun violence, gun control and gun rights.  That’s good.  That needs to continue happening.  That degree of c...
Highland Rogue Writing · 2W ago

Greetings From Sunny Aluna - by Eric Lahti

One of the coolest covers this year!Friend of the blog and former lifetime roomie Eric Lahti has a new book out: Greetings From Sunny Aluna.  Based on one of his shorts from The Clock Man: A...
Highland Rogue Writing · 2W ago

The Cronian Incident by Matthew Williams

The Cronian Incident (The Formist Series) (Volume 1) by Matthew Williams is a slow-paced, contemplative science fiction story that fans of The Expanse will really enjoy.  When a high-ranking...
Highland Rogue Writing · 3W ago

National Poetry Day 2017

Master of his fate. Captain of his soul.Today is National Poetry Day in the UK.  I’m not a huge fan of poetry, but as a former English Literature major, I’ve certain read more than my fair s...
Highland Rogue Writing · 3W ago

Two Images Presented Without Comment

Highland Rogue Writing · 1M ago


What questions do you want answered?Although Hell Becomes Her is not yet available, here is a book that was released on the stated due date! Shamelessly stolen (and mildly edited) from Scott...
Highland Rogue Writing · 1M ago

Situation Normal . . .

Need some fast movers?Sometimes, a SNAFU occurs and results in a FUBAR.  That was my Friday.Due to circumstances outside of my control, the release of Hell Becomes Her has been delayed.  I a...
Highland Rogue Writing · 1M ago

International Read an eBook Day/Weekend

When Tomorrow’s the day!Hell Becomes Her re-releases in ebook and print formats.  In celebration of this and also International Read An EBook Day, you can get BOTH Tears of Heaven and Hell B...