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Hiking 40 For My 40th · 3W ago

Quick Out and Back

This past Sunday, my mom and sister and I headed to Pen Mar Park to do a quick hike.  We headed north on the Appalachian Trail.  We didn't have any specific plan for the length of our hike. ...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 4W ago

Short Out and Back

Hiking 40 For My 40th · 4W ago

Swallow Falls

Muddy Creek FallsThe last weekend in June, my husband and I went on a camping trip to Swallow Falls in western Maryland.  We arrived Friday night along with some serious torrential rain.  Lu...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 1M ago

Hunting the Woo Woo

In June, a group of us decided to head out on a cryptid expedition.  That is, we were looking for a creature known as the WooWoo (AKA the Bighoot). I know, some of you are probably scratchin...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 2M ago

Trail Magic Year 2

Last year, my mom, husband and son decided to try out offering some Trail Magic to thru hikers at Pen Mar Park near the MD/PA line.  It was a success and extremely rewarding, so we made sure...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 4M ago

Them's da Breaks

Literally.A couple of Sundays ago (May 21st specifically), I was on my merry way to the loo at 1:30am when my little toe made a sudden and painful contact with a very thick heavy wooden step...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 5M ago

Finally Finished

The last weekend in April, we ladies set off to backpack a section of the Maryland Appalachian Trail.  For one of us it was a repeat section, for another it was a first time ever backpacking...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 5M ago

Easter Hike Looking for Sascrotch

Over Easter weekend, my family and I went on a 3 mile hike out at the Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve.  This has become one of our favorite spots to go for a relaxing hike and it doesn't hur...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 6M ago

Christmas in March, Hiking the Hill and Mmmm Beer

This past weekend was all about the outdoors.  Saturday we headed to REI to spend a lot of money get some new stuff.  March is dividend time for REI members.  For those not in the know, if y...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 6M ago

Hashawha Hike

I'm a little behind in my updates about hiking.  I've been so busy that I'm lucky I find time to get out at all.  About a week ago, my mom, husband and I managed to get in a quick hike at Ha...