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Hiking 40 For My 40th · 4d ago

Hike 5: Codorus State Park

Hike number five was just under 2 miles.  It was a brisk day with windchill around 9 degrees.  My mom and I headed to another local trail at Codorus State Park.  This one travels around Lake...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 2W ago

The New Hiking Partner

I love the idea of having a 4 legged hiking companion.I have 2 dogs, but neither one would make a good hiker.One is 14 and having arthritis issues.The other one, while physically fit, isn't ...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 2W ago

Hike 4: Beaverdam Park

This past weekend, my husband and I went for a quick weekend getaway to the Tidewater area of Virginia.  I've been traveling to this area of Virginia my whole life.  My family has property t...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 2W ago

Cascade Falls: Hike #3

Last week the temperatures warmed up to the 50's, so we headed out to someplace different.  We opted to make the hour drive to Patapsco Valley State Park to see if the waterfall located in t...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 3W ago

Hike Number 2: Hashawha

 For my second hike, I headed out to a local Environmental Center that has several trails.  I hike here often as it's close, offers a nice bathroom in the Nature Center and has enough trail ...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 1M ago

Hike 1 of 52: The 52 Hike Challenge

I don't really make New Year's Resolutions anymore, but I do make goals for myself to try to accomplish in the coming year.  One of those goals is to try to hike every week at least once.  S...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 3M ago

Caledonia to Old Forge Road

This past Saturday, we went on an extended day hike from Caledonia south to Old Forge Road parking area which is just past the Tumbling Run Shelters.  We had originally planned an overnight ...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 4M ago

Quick Out and Back

This past Sunday, my mom and sister and I headed to Pen Mar Park to do a quick hike.  We headed north on the Appalachian Trail.  We didn't have any specific plan for the length of our hike. ...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 5M ago

Short Out and Back

Hiking 40 For My 40th · 5M ago

Swallow Falls

Muddy Creek FallsThe last weekend in June, my husband and I went on a camping trip to Swallow Falls in western Maryland.  We arrived Friday night along with some serious torrential rain.  Lu...