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Hiking 40 For My 40th · 1M ago

Caledonia to Old Forge Road

This past Saturday, we went on an extended day hike from Caledonia south to Old Forge Road parking area which is just past the Tumbling Run Shelters.  We had originally planned an overnight ...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 2M ago

Quick Out and Back

This past Sunday, my mom and sister and I headed to Pen Mar Park to do a quick hike.  We headed north on the Appalachian Trail.  We didn't have any specific plan for the length of our hike. ...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 2M ago

Short Out and Back

Hiking 40 For My 40th · 2M ago

Swallow Falls

Muddy Creek FallsThe last weekend in June, my husband and I went on a camping trip to Swallow Falls in western Maryland.  We arrived Friday night along with some serious torrential rain.  Lu...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 3M ago

Hunting the Woo Woo

In June, a group of us decided to head out on a cryptid expedition.  That is, we were looking for a creature known as the WooWoo (AKA the Bighoot). I know, some of you are probably scratchin...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 3M ago

Trail Magic Year 2

Last year, my mom, husband and son decided to try out offering some Trail Magic to thru hikers at Pen Mar Park near the MD/PA line.  It was a success and extremely rewarding, so we made sure...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 6M ago

Them's da Breaks

Literally.A couple of Sundays ago (May 21st specifically), I was on my merry way to the loo at 1:30am when my little toe made a sudden and painful contact with a very thick heavy wooden step...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 7M ago

Finally Finished

The last weekend in April, we ladies set off to backpack a section of the Maryland Appalachian Trail.  For one of us it was a repeat section, for another it was a first time ever backpacking...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 7M ago

Easter Hike Looking for Sascrotch

Over Easter weekend, my family and I went on a 3 mile hike out at the Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve.  This has become one of our favorite spots to go for a relaxing hike and it doesn't hur...
Hiking 40 For My 40th · 8M ago

Christmas in March, Hiking the Hill and Mmmm Beer

This past weekend was all about the outdoors.  Saturday we headed to REI to spend a lot of money get some new stuff.  March is dividend time for REI members.  For those not in the know, if y...