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Hilary With One L · 6d ago

Life Hack: Make Ahead Lunches

I am all about anything that helps the daily routine more efficient.  In the evenings, just before bed, I cycle through my appointments for the following day. I make sure my tote is packed w...
Hilary With One L · 1W ago

Let’s See What Develops, Pt. 10

I am getting back into the routine of writing.  After months and months, the elusive time and space that I’ve been craving to set my work life to rights has materialized.  I have an office. ...
Hilary With One L · 2W ago

Lyrically Speaking

After having spent the last 18 months with the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat, the girls have finally allowed me to play DJ and put on the radio during our treks to and from school. The other...
Hilary With One L · 3W ago

That Time I Didn’t Interfere

I’m twelve years and three kids in on this parenting gig. I’m still adding arrows to my quiver when it comes to best practices on how to raise well adjusted, highly functioning human beings....
Hilary With One L · 1M ago


  09/08/07 3:27 am 7 lbs. Another year, another step closer to that dress just about fitting you properly. I’m thrilled and frightened in equal measure at the prospect! Every time you put it...
Hilary With One L · 1M ago


August 23, 2005 12:39am 7 lbs. 10 oz. 21 inches long Last year, I said that we were another year closer to having that bathing suit fit you.  Looks like I was right!  It feels like you’ve go...
Hilary With One L · 4M ago

That Time It Was Summer Break

Can I be real a second? For real, I have to get this off my chest. I don’t like summer break. I’ve tried. Really and truly I’ve tried. I’ve even gone so far as to talk myself into it. I woul...
Hilary With One L · 5M ago

That Time Vivi Turned Five

  Fierce. Feisty. Funny. Fearless. Five. Happy, happy birthday, sweet Vivi, my bunny-bunny girl.    
Hilary With One L · 5M ago

That Time It Rained

I owe Mother Nature a gift basket and a thank you note. Many folks are lamenting yet another soggy series of days that have us in boots and long pants. “It’s spring,” is the constant refrain...
Hilary With One L · 5M ago

That Time I Said Yes, Then I Said No

I have a bad habit of telling the girls that we will do something and then when time runs out or I have to get dinner started or someone spills apple juice down the front of her clothes just...