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hissyfit · 3W ago

The Hat Club: April 1st 2017: Brooke Sharkey & Adam Beattie

Last night's Hat Club saw the return, two years to the day, of Adam Beattie and Brooke Sharkey. They had new albums to tout and we were treated to some wonderful moments of balladry and cand...
hissyfit · 2M ago


hissyfit · 3M ago

A Kind of Slipping Away...

30 years ago.My oh my.30 years ago Di and I attended our first gig together.It was at the UCL in the Aldwych. I had dragged my new 'squeeze' (then a disco disciple) out to sample the folk mu...
hissyfit · 3M ago

Private Darkness/Public Light

"Imagine for a moment the true weight of what it fundamentally means to be proud of your desires instead of shamed by them. It means that the things that wholly stir you in private darkness ...
hissyfit · 4M ago

The D.C. Cooper 40 Favourite New Albums of 2016

We all love a list; particularly at the end on the year.Here's the first of a few; this from a brother of a mate.I play squash with Jim Cooper and he always talks of his bro's eclectic taste...
hissyfit · 4M ago

John Lennon: It Was 36 Years Ago Today

I was relatively unaffected by Elvis's death; partly because he was not of my generation and also because it was natural/self induced. Lennon however was a huge part of my childhood inductio...
hissyfit · 4M ago

Toronto Tim Says: TT's 'Best of 2016'

Yup, it's that time again.Everyone loves a list.Here's the first of a few.This from a firm friend of Hissyfit, Canadian Tim Patrick:TORONTO TIM'S - BEST OF 2016PLEASE PLAY ALONG!!! Share you...
hissyfit · 5M ago

The Hat Club: Tonight: 26 November: Boo Hewerdine and Dan Whitehouse

hissyfit · 6M ago

The Trouble with Howe

The trouble with Howe?Too many hats.Too much talent with too many places to go. Too many choices.Too many possibilities. Too many destinations.Too many sunsets to head off into. The trouble ...
hissyfit · 6M ago

Le Mercury

Le MercuryOn Upper Street they standHand over handOne Dapper DanOne also ranHe is beautifulShe is hopefulWishing she were bolderHe looks over her shoulderDoes Dapper DanAnd, only ‘cause he k...