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Hobo Mama · 2d ago

On #MeToo and explaining ourselves

I wanted to write a short piece on the "Me, Too" trend making its way through social media, started by Tarana Burke many years ago to bring awareness to sexual assault against young women of color, and taking on new life in the wake of recent scandal...
Hobo Mama · 1W ago

Brothers by the autumn tree

Every autumn, we take photos in front ofa sweet maple tree outside our homeas the leaves change colors.Alrik: 6 yearsMikko: 10 yearsKarsten: 2.75 yearsComparison with years past: Mikko at 3 Mikko at 4, Alrik at 5 months Halloween superheroes at...
Hobo Mama · 2W ago

Active attackers: How to survive as a parent with small children

 Here's an article I wish I didn't have a reason to write but that I feel I need to. If ta...
Hobo Mama · 3W ago

That time we moved into IKEA

Enjoy the slideshow:>Thanks for subscribing to Hobo Mama. Please feel free to comment on the post & share it with friends!
Hobo Mama · 1M ago

Unschooling and the lack of measured progress

Excited about caterpillarsIt happens every time I travel, and it happened again this summer. Inevitably I rub up against people who make me start questioning if my kids are learning enough, or the right things.Sometimes it's the traditionally homesch...
Hobo Mama · 1M ago

Happy Back to (Home)school!

We enjoyed our annual trip to the bowling lanesto celebrate our first day of (not) back to school.For those counting, we're now in fifth grade,first grade, and (un)preschool.You can tell they're homeschoolers by their uniforms, hey?
Hobo Mama · 1M ago

Wrong coast, wrong time: Feeling out of place at home

Karsten getting the mail with PapaWe recently visited my parents in Massachusetts, and I surprised myself with the desire I felt to stay.We moved to Seattle sixteen years ago. (Could that be right? Surely not. But math doesn't lie even if my memory o...
Hobo Mama · 1M ago

Hay, there: Fun at Remlinger Farms

Every couple years, we score a Groupon to Remlinger Farms and head out to Carnation, Washington, for some hay-based fun. Do you see Alrik in the maze?
Hobo Mama · 1M ago

Pass along your eclipse glasses

Did you watch the solar eclipse with your kids? Were you in the path of totality? We made ...
Hobo Mama · 2M ago

Parenting while owning a home business

Sam and I have worked from home throughout our marriage: first telecommuting, and then own...