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Hobo Mama · 1d ago

Video of a surprise unassisted home water birth

Here's the video accompaniment to Karsten's birth story. You can head over to that link to read the details if you haven't already.Short version: We planned a homebirth for our third baby, w...
Hobo Mama · 3d ago

Karsten's birth story: Long start, quick finish

I've been putting off writing Karsten's birth story, or even thinking it over and retellin...
Hobo Mama · 1W ago

"Sing" the movie shows kids how to be body positive

My kids and I, ever so charmingly behind the times, just went to see Sing at the cheapie t...
Hobo Mama · 2W ago

I've lived the Republicans' plan for the ACA, and I can't support it

I try not to be too political on this blog. You probably don't believe me given some of my recent posts, but it's true. If you're politicked out and want to skip this one, feel free. I just want to give some public insight into how maternal and child...
Hobo Mama · 3W ago

How an unschooling mama teaches phonics

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Hobo Mama · 4W ago

The dryness of boredom in school

I had a dentist appointment the other day, and they went hog wild with the sucker tool. My mouth was as dry as the Serengeti, and soon my tongue was nothing but a pendulous husk in my mouth.I flashed back to my school days when I would deliberately l...
Hobo Mama · 1M ago

Mystery Science, fossil bonanza, & a teachable moment

Sometimes I fear I'm not schooly enough for this unschooling thing to work. This is a comm...
Hobo Mama · 1M ago

Read along with us: Harriet Tubman & the Underground Railroad

In honor of Black History Month, here's a video review of two books about the Underground ...
Hobo Mama · 1M ago

How to talk with kids about refugees: Book, video, & resource suggestions plus concrete ways child activists can help

A story: My old church supported several Karen refugee families from Myanmar. The Karen ar...
Hobo Mama · 1M ago

A simple bedtime relaxation script for children

My kids are all night owls, which means they tend to gain energy as bedtime approaches. To...