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Hodson & Mullin · 18h ago

Annulment Versus Divorce

There are various ground upon which an annulment or a divorce could be granted by a court. The legal consequences could be very important, since an annulment basically erases a marriage, whe...
Hodson & Mullin · 3d ago

Have You Been Sued?

Hodson & Mullin · 1w ago

Divorce Advice : How To Protect Yourself In A Divorce

In order to protect yourself in a divorce, determine if you agree with the divorce or not. Remember that all 50 states have 'no-fault' divorce and protect yourself with tips from a certified...
Hodson & Mullin · 1W ago

Workers' Compensation Attorney: Understanding The Process And When To Hire A Lawyer

If you get hurt at work, you are traditionally covered by workers' compensation insurance....
Hodson & Mullin · 1W ago

What Can I Do To MaintaIn A Good Relationship With My Children During And After The Divorce Process?

What can I do to maintain a good relationship with my children during and after the divorce process?
Hodson & Mullin · 2W ago

Divorce Advice : What Is A Petition For Divorce?

A petition for divorce is the initial pleading that a spouse files to start the whole divorce process. Learn about divorce petitions and if jurisdictional requirements are met with tips from...
Hodson & Mullin · 2W ago

Child Custody- Tips For Building Your Case

Couples sometimes neglect opportunities to amicably resolve disputes when involved in the emotion and stress of separation and divorce. This is especially true in matters of parenting and ch...
Hodson & Mullin · 3W ago

How Do I Keep My Divorce Private?

In divorce mediation, there are:1. No public court hearings;2. No depositions;3. No submissions of evidence;4. No courtroom testimony;5. No discovery;With mediation, we can file your divorce...
Hodson & Mullin · 3W ago

Does Your Family Need Help From A Guardianship Lawyer?

If you suspect that a love one should have a guardian assigned, but you're not exactly sur...
Hodson & Mullin · 3W ago

6 Tips That Will Help You Understand Child Support

Whether you are going through a divorce or just separating from your partner, you'll need ...