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Hodson & Mullin · 20h ago

How To Collect Child Support

When coming to an agreement on child support with a parent, it's best to have a signed, written document. Discover how a written agreement is the subject of a court order with help from a ce...
Hodson & Mullin · 4d ago

Social Security Is There For You In Difficult Times

Social Security’s disability program is there for you and your family if the unexpected happens.
Hodson & Mullin · 1w ago

How To Cope With Divorce

Coping with divorce involves maintaining hope that there is something out there for everyone, and believing in self-worth. Avoid abandoning hope in order to cope with the end of a marriage w...
Hodson & Mullin · 1W ago

Social Security Class Action

If you've been denied Social Security benefits because of an outstanding felony arrest warrant, you should know about the 2009 class action settlement in the case of Martinez v. Astrue. The ...
Hodson & Mullin · 1W ago

How To File For Social Security Disability

File for social security disability by notifying the social security office, filling out the appropriate forms on the cause of the injury and hiring an attorney to help get the most from a c...
Hodson & Mullin · 2W ago

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Divorce

The advantages and disadvantages of divorce include being free of a person who no longer loves or is no longer loved, but it also disrupts the lives involved, including family and friends. W...
Hodson & Mullin · 2W ago

Social Security Disability

Hodson & Mullin · 3W ago


Did you get married ... only to realize the marriage was a mistake? Whether you are eligible for an annulment or divorce to end the marriage depends on a variety of circumstances. An annulme...
Hodson & Mullin · 3W ago

How To Know If You Qualify For Disability

Knowing if you qualify for disability will depend on whether the disability was the result of an on-the-job injury, a motor vehicle accident or just the natural aging process. Check the work...
Hodson & Mullin · 4W ago

How To Get Worker's Comp

Step 1: Know the lawFind out about worker's compensation laws through your state’s Bureau of Workman’s Compensation or related department.Step 2: Report injuryReport any work-related injury ...