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Hodson & Mullin · 1d ago

Fathers' Custody Rights

Fathers often face uphill battles when it comes to obtaining joint custody rights with the mother of the child. While biases that favor giving custody to the mother have faded, fathers may s...
Hodson & Mullin · 5d ago

Step Parent Adoption

If you are remarried and do not have a relationship with the other biological parent, you may be wondering if step-parent adoption is an option and how it works, among other things. Step-par...
Hodson & Mullin · 1w ago

Calculating Child Support

Learn some of the ways that child support is calculated in this video from lawinfo
Hodson & Mullin · 1W ago

Managing Financial Records For Checking Accounts During A Divorce

When managing financial records during a divorce, make sure that expenditures are accurately recorded in a checkbook. Find out how to demonstrate the source of money spent and deposited with...
Hodson & Mullin · 2W ago

5 Qualities To Look For In A Divorce Attorney

When it's time to decide on a divorce lawyer, take advantage of the free visits that most attorney's offer. Talk to several lawyers. When you're done, how does this lawyer stack up? Here are...
Hodson & Mullin · 2W ago

Enforcing Child Support Against An Out-Of-State Parent

Hodson & Mullin · 2W ago

Six Issues To Ask A Family Law Attorney About

Although divorce is the most common reason to visit a family law attorney, it isn't the on...
Hodson & Mullin · 3W ago

Workers Compensation Attorneys And The Big Myths

Workers compensation attorneys in every state exist to help employees maintain their right...
Hodson & Mullin · 3W ago

Modifying, Changing, Or Enforcing A Court Order In A Family Court

Modifying a family court order and enforcing a family court order are two different things...
Hodson & Mullin · 4W ago

How A Workers' Compensation Attorney Can Alleviate The Pain Of The Process

Back in the old days, employees weren't provided compensation for workplace-related injury...