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holy heteroclite · 3W ago

If I haven't been accused of being an atheist lately, I'm a bad Christian/pastor

If I haven't been accused of being an atheist lately, I'm a bad Christian/pastor.See this ...
holy heteroclite · 1M ago

"Holy Rembrandt!"

portrait     "I was in England during World War I,  moneyless and miserable.  My wife, who is younger and more courageous than I am, said 'Let's go to a museum for relief.'  There was destruction in the whole world.  Not only were bombs  being droppe...
holy heteroclite · 2M ago

No Flippies in church

From MennoKnight: "No flippies.  Scripture interprets Scripture, sure, but the main focus...
holy heteroclite · 2M ago

Zappa and Xenochrony: Stangetime synchronizations-- ξένοχρόνi

photoFrom Wikipedia:linkXenochrony is a studio-based musical technique developed at an unknown date, but possibly as early as the early 1960s, by Frank Zappa, who used it on several albums....
holy heteroclite · 2M ago

"The Hell-Raiser":New Yorker Documentary on Rob Bell (13 min)

Watch this video on The Scene.Article here
holy heteroclite · 2M ago

kenosis in transitional/liminal space

 Martha Reineke in René Girard and Creative Mimesis:Winnicott's work proves useful at this juncture.  As his work is interpreted by Ulanov, religion is  an environment "provided by a God who holds us in being."  This environment is healing to humans ...
holy heteroclite · 2M ago

update on Sonya...and the "I'm a mess but I'm in love" guy

Those poor doctors and others who predicted Sonya Wainscott would be dead by now.. Sorry, they don't know my wife the warrior-princess . It looks to be a lot of years until that day .That doesn't mean it's been easy on me , and she would be the fi...
holy heteroclite · 2M ago

perichoretic and polycentric church structure

 Ask ten random churchfolk: "What are the practical implications of the Trinity for church structure?"After the first few responders offer blank stares, maybe one will catch something profound (like these folks), and as the Q man (Quentin P. Kinnison...
holy heteroclite · 2M ago

Lord's Supper sans supper: a skeleton outside of real life, kissing grandma under a half-built bridge

Charles Kraft:The Lord's Supper [is] probably the most potentially meaningful of the codes regularly employed within Christianity, at least when it is practiced as a full meal.When, however,...
holy heteroclite · 2M ago

"every time the culture changes, the church becomes unfaithful..."

"Which Atonement? How Scripture Speaks Anew to Each Generation" by Len Hjalmarson(excerpts):....The dominant view of atonement for the first 300 years of the Church was not Penal Substitutio...