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holy heteroclite · 1M ago

Kairotic kenosis

holy heteroclite · 3M ago

Scot McKnight commentary on Philemon: cooler than the new phone book

I am so glad Scot McKnight's commentary on Philemon is out.This is such good news that I feel like doing this:McKnight  inaugurated the release with a  helpful post:10 Reasons Your Church Needs PhilemonHere's a random reason that rocks (Click to see ...
holy heteroclite · 4M ago

"the mystique of superiority that came as a consolation prize"

Image Credit: Lonely Planet "I believed myself above him simply on the basis of my Upper E...
holy heteroclite · 4M ago

violins with a jewel-shaped heart

Source: WIRED . Link belowOne way to look at string theory is that everything is made of  ...
holy heteroclite · 4M ago

I hope U2 is not in a "finishing mood"

U2 apologizes too often that they needed more time to finish the "Pop" album.             ...
holy heteroclite · 6M ago

"He Doesn't Love Me Anymore" ( a vintage sermon of mine)

holy heteroclite · 6M ago

Bad Bible Proof-Texts by Craig Keener

holy heteroclite · 6M ago

"5 Passages Your Pastor Wishes You'd Stop Taking out of Context"

5 Passages Your Pastor Wishes You'd Stop Taking out of Contextby Kyle Rohane
holy heteroclite · 7M ago

cities as "solitary places that are populated by millions"

photo credit"I was riding the subway on the way to the studio and noticed a man walking along the carriage leaning forward into the motion of the train.  Life is always a question of balance...
holy heteroclite · 7M ago

Bruce Cockburn on faith

I highly recommend Cathleen Falsani's writings and interviews. Here's audio (transcript here) of a 2006 interview she did with Bruce Cockburn