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holy heteroclite · 4W ago

The real heresy of "The Shack"movie revealed!

Photo creditYes, I have  actually seen the movie...and read the book.I try to follow Bell'...
holy heteroclite · 1M ago

grades at fpu

The answer is a C grade.From FPU handbook:A=Superior. The student has demonstrated a quality of work and accomplishment far beyond the formal requirements and shown originality of thought an...
holy heteroclite · 1M ago

picturre two won

holy heteroclite · 1M ago

knew muse-ach

uno:Gold Connections (see this by David Dark)Gold Connections by Gold Connections--dos: Army of Bones (Martin Smith of Delirious? band ).  See this,  this,  and this--tres: Young Oceans...
holy heteroclite · 2M ago

If I haven't been accused of being an atheist lately, I'm a bad Christian/pastor

If I haven't been accused of being an atheist lately, I'm a bad Christian/pastor.See this ...
holy heteroclite · 3M ago

"Holy Rembrandt!"

portrait     "I was in England during World War I,  moneyless and miserable.  My wife, who is younger and more courageous than I am, said 'Let's go to a museum for relief.'  There was destruction in the whole world.  Not only were bombs  being droppe...
holy heteroclite · 3M ago

No Flippies in church

From MennoKnight: "No flippies.  Scripture interprets Scripture, sure, but the main focus...
holy heteroclite · 3M ago

Zappa and Xenochrony: Stangetime synchronizations-- ξένοχρόνi

photoFrom Wikipedia:linkXenochrony is a studio-based musical technique developed at an unknown date, but possibly as early as the early 1960s, by Frank Zappa, who used it on several albums....
holy heteroclite · 3M ago

"The Hell-Raiser":New Yorker Documentary on Rob Bell (13 min)

Watch this video on The Scene.Article here
holy heteroclite · 3M ago

kenosis in transitional/liminal space

 Martha Reineke in René Girard and Creative Mimesis:Winnicott's work proves useful at this juncture.  As his work is interpreted by Ulanov, religion is  an environment "provided by a God who holds us in being."  This environment is healing to humans ...