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Home Orchard Management · 3d ago

The Plum Curculio Invasion is Beginning

Plum Curculio Ovipositing EggWith apple scab season in our midst, and petal fall beginning, it is time to turn our attention to several insect pests.  The first and most difficult to contai...
Home Orchard Management · 2W ago

Apple Scab Season Approaches

 Apple scab is the most prevalent and most damaging disease to apples we have in the Midwest. We are now officially emerging into the apple scab season as green tip and 1/4" green leaf tissue is seen on the apple trees.  At this point, scab sprays...
Home Orchard Management · 3W ago

Rainwise Weather Station and NEWA

On April 25, 2018, I installed and set up our new Rainwise weather station. With this ne...
Home Orchard Management · 3W ago

Spring Finally Arrived and It's Spray Time

It's time to apply a dormant/silver tip oil and copper spray for your fruit trees! The ap...
Home Orchard Management · 1M ago

Time to Start Thinking About Pest Control

Many homeowners enjoy raising their own fruit, but anyone who has attempted to grow frui...
Home Orchard Management · 2M ago

Pruning for the Home Orchard

It won't be long before Spring will be upon us.  So.......if you have not pruned your frui...
Home Orchard Management · 11M ago

Time to Begin Apple Maggot Monitoring

Apple Maggot FlyFig. 1Last season we trapped the first apple maggot fly on June 30. at about 1150 Degree Days from March 1.  We are at 982 DD as of today at 10:00 AM, so it is time to get th...
Home Orchard Management · 11M ago

Sustained Flight of Codling Moth Established

Home Orchard Management · 1Y ago

Codling Moth Have Begun to Fly!

Everyone likes to eat apples, including over 70 insects and a long list of fungi and bacteria.  To produce good tasting, good looking fruit, we have to control those pests.  Of all the fly...
Home Orchard Management · 1Y ago

Plum Curculio Expected This Weekend!

Adult Plum Curculio Ovipositing EggWith the approach of petal fall upon us, and the temperatures predicted to be in the high 60's to low 70's this weekend, it is prime time for our ugly li...