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Homeschool and Etc. · 1d ago

Teaching Children About Healthy Boundaries

This video is hilarious, I think mostly because all of us have dealt with men like this at one point or another.  I actually used this video with Rose today in an effort to talk a little bit...
Homeschool and Etc. · 4d ago

How to Pronounce Place Names

These are the cities of D'Moin, Boy-zee and Shy Ann.Arkin-saw.
Homeschool and Etc. · 1w ago

History/ Geography

We're doing Alpha Omega LIFEPAC's History and Geography.  This is the third grade set.  Yes, it's easy and has a cartoon bumble-bee explaining everything for you.  Even so, it seems like qui...
Homeschool and Etc. · 4W ago

Our Eclipse Day!

We're a bit north of downtown Kansas City, so we were in the path of the totality today.  Imagine the sunset happening in a circle around you... all those reds and oranges and such... but no...
Homeschool and Etc. · 1M ago

The Trees Are Down!

We used Walker Tree Service as they're the fellows you see about town on the power lines, licensed and insured etc etc. Which is a good thing as one of these huge branches fell sidewise and ...
Homeschool and Etc. · 1M ago

Start With Amen

You always start any project at the beginning with the end in mind.  When we began homeschooling, we began with the idea that we wanted our children to graduate from high school and move on ...
Homeschool and Etc. · 1M ago

Roller Dancing!

Woodjie and Rose are working hard with a roller dance coach on their routine as there is an invitational competition in a few months. When they actually compete for real, they will have matc...
Homeschool and Etc. · 1M ago

Dwarf Macintosh Apple Harvest!

Many of the apples made it through the Japanese beetle season relatively intact!  They don't all seem to ripen on the same day, so we wander out every now and then and browse the tree and pi...
Homeschool and Etc. · 1M ago

Woodjie Writes a Story

SO proud of Woodjie. He wanted to write a story about Julius Caesar and he has been working for hours on this. He even did a little fact-finding with me about the character before writin...
Homeschool and Etc. · 1M ago

Hello From the Top of the Hill!

We live way up on a hill, so when there is flooding, sometimes we can see little rivulets far beneath us in the neighbours' yards.  We're pretty safe.  I think about a half cup of water got ...