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Homeschool and Etc. · 3d ago

Not Sure Why This Stuff Sells

Homeschool and Etc. · 1W ago

Poor Little Emperor

It's finals week at Cityname North High School!  So now would be the perfect time to come down with a horrible fever, a sore throat, a terrible headache and body aches all over the shoulders...
Homeschool and Etc. · 1W ago

Knockout Roses!

I'm not sure why there are different coloured flowers on the same plant, but there you go.This is what my knockout roses looked like after a hearty trimming.  It was getting to the point whe...
Homeschool and Etc. · 2W ago

Spelling the States

There are 50 states in the US and we're working on where they all are and how to spell them.  Rather than stand around all day reading the names of the states for our spelling tests, I just ...
Homeschool and Etc. · 2W ago

Lookit THIS Gem!

Well, you can't really see the whole house.  But they want $130,000 for it.No, you can't go upstairs.  Ever.  Nevermind that the roof is leaking and God knows what damage is going on up ther...
Homeschool and Etc. · 3W ago

Getting Stuff Done Around the House

So D and I want to make our house as maintenance-proof as possible, get needed updates done, and just sort of spruce up a bit.  I got a quote a bit ago on tearing out our old deck and replac...
Homeschool and Etc. · 3W ago

KJV Compact Thinline Bible, Cloth Over Board

 If you're wanting a smaller but readable Bible, this is probably the most basic and functional you can get before you run into the "paper so thin it tears when you turn the page" problem.  ...
Homeschool and Etc. · 1M ago

My Air Conditioner

It's such a cozy winter home if you're a mouse, and when you're hungry?  Just snack on an electrical cord! This sort of thing is exactly why we have regular maintenance on our machines.  It ...
Homeschool and Etc. · 1M ago

A Job Interview

Yeah... that's pretty much how it goes.  :)
Homeschool and Etc. · 1M ago

Easter 1953

My father is the twin on the left.  I remember making odd paper crafts as a child as well.