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Homestead Hill Farm · 2d ago

Sunday Walkabout 4-23

damp dandelionIf there is any truth to “April showers bring May flowers…”I may be wishing I was a flower farmer come next month.We have had some sort of rain every day this week. Not that I ...
Homestead Hill Farm · 1W ago

Sunday Walkabout 4-16

I would like to write something upbeat and positive about the past week…I would like to say that every day he is better. Things are looking up…getting back to normal. On the other hand, I tr...
Homestead Hill Farm · 1W ago

Wordless Wednesday

"Pink Moon" risingApril 11, 2017
Homestead Hill Farm · 2W ago

Sunday Walkabout 4-9

You know, the Boss sure does a lot of stuff around here!I have known and acknowledged this fact for quite a while…but, now that he’s confined to light-duty (well, make that NO duty) I have a...
Homestead Hill Farm · 3W ago

Sunday Walkabout 4-2

this looks like trouble to meWell, here we are…it’s Sunday once again.With the Boss back on the hill, we were both ready for things to return to “normal”. However,  we must re-define the wor...
Homestead Hill Farm · 4W ago

Sunday Walkabout 3-26

always good to see my mountains“It certainly has been a week!” I’m not real sure who said that to me yesterday. I think it was K-man's “Grandpa-Roy”. I totally, most heartily concur. Because...
Homestead Hill Farm · 1M ago

Sunday Walkabout

Gus watching "Winter Storm Stella"I know you’ve come here looking to see what happened on the hill this week....wondering how things went.And, I’ve got nothin’.This past week?the last blast ...
Homestead Hill Farm · 1M ago

Wordless Wednesday

Homestead Hill Farm · 1M ago

Sunday Walkabout 3-12

In like a lion, out like a lamb...or was it in like a lamb...?March is often described as capricious, with its wild shifts in weather. It’s not unusual to see all the seasons in a week. Some...
Homestead Hill Farm · 1M ago

Sunday Walkabout 3-5

oh, little apple blossoms...I fear you will never become applesMarch came in like a lion, bringing high winds and “meteorological Spring” (March 1 is Spring according to weather folk)…and ir...