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Homestead Hill Farm · 4d ago

Sunday Walkabout 6-18

hawk in the morning sky(keep on flying...away from our chickens!)The dogs spent the night doing battle with a fox. Well, now, to be perfectly honest, it was more of a yelling match than a ba...
Homestead Hill Farm · 1W ago

Sunday Walkabout 6-11

June means we travel to Edinburg for lamb processingand one of my favorite views in the ValleyOrdinarily, after shearing, the ewes go back out to pasture and don’t demand much attention (oth...
Homestead Hill Farm · 2W ago

Sunday Walkabout 6-4

getting ready to plant the round of summer broccoliGetting things done.  That was the underlying theme of the week.And, while we got a great deal accomplished, the “to-do” list continues to ...
Homestead Hill Farm · 3W ago

Sunday Walkabout 5-28

view from the office window“You’re not the boss of me!”                           ---imagined memo from the weatherBeing self-employed is often seen as the penultimate work situation. You ar...
Homestead Hill Farm · 4W ago

Sunday Walkabout 5-21

a sure sign of broiler weekwhite feathers in the backyardDid you know that it was Broiler Week? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t…the observance was pretty limited. As in, just here on the hill.O...
Homestead Hill Farm · 1M ago

Sunday Walkabout 5-14

tiny mulberries in the sunlightLiving in the country, you quickly understand why “good fences make good neighbors” and how it is far more than simply proper etiquette to always SHUT the farm...
Homestead Hill Farm · 1M ago

Wordless Wednesday

swallowtail on wood hyacinths
Homestead Hill Farm · 1M ago

Sunday Walkabout 5-7

looks like Gus is watching the sunrise(in fact, he's got his eye on a fox)For weeks now, I’ve been looking for some sense of light at the end of the tunnel, some sort of sign that things are...
Homestead Hill Farm · 1M ago

Sunday Walkabout 4-30

sunrise after the rainIf there was any sort of theme to this week, I guess it would have to be “one step forward…two steps back” and, like the song says...”nobody gets too far like that...” ...
Homestead Hill Farm · 1M ago

Wordless Wednesday