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Hot Mama Body Wrap · 12M ago

Positive Affirmations? Isn’t that some kind of hippie stuff? (Plus, FREE adult coloring page!)

Have you been hearing a lot about the positivity movement? Reciting positive affirmations? "Just be positive", you hear people say. When sometimes all you can think is, "how can I even THINK...
Hot Mama Body Wrap · 1Y ago

It Works Body Wraps FAQs

You've heard about the It Works Body Wraps... But how much do you REALLY know? I've put together a little It Works Body Wraps FAQ for you. You're welcome ;)     Every question you could thin...
Hot Mama Body Wrap · 1Y ago

Hide Your Face No More! | Healthy Acne Advice Alert

If you're like me, you're constantly looking up healthy acne treatments... I've tried everything from soaps and systems and hypoallergenic makeups and cleansers to special diets. And none of...
Hot Mama Body Wrap · 1Y ago

4 Simple Steps to TRIPLE Your Energy

Wondering how to get more energy? Tired? Tired of being tired? You aren’t alone. There are few human qualities more highly sought than energy. It determines our ability to enjoy life, to att...
Hot Mama Body Wrap · 1Y ago

5 Easy Ways To Get Longer Hair

I have recently come across a few easy ways to get longer hair! We all want that, right? Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. The part of the hair that is living is below the scalp i...
Hot Mama Body Wrap · 1Y ago

Hair Skin and Nails hits EUROPE!

There is a BIG buzz about It Works Hair Skin and Nails! And now... EUROPE gets to try it too! :D It Works Hair Skin and Nails has been a SUPER popular product in the US, and now it's gone in...
Hot Mama Body Wrap · 1Y ago

Eucalyptus Oil Uses That Might Surprise You!

Eucalyptus oil is the distilled oil that comes from the dried leaves of eucalyptus –It has a strong woody and sweet smell. There are many Eucalyptus Oil Uses! Antibacterial properties – A st...
Hot Mama Body Wrap · 1Y ago

The Mother of ALL Homemade Cleaning Products

Yesterday I talked about orange oil uses, and I mentioned one of the homemade cleaning products that I use... Today I want to share that recipe with you! :D There are a TON of recipes for ho...
Hot Mama Body Wrap · 1Y ago

Orange Oil Uses

Citrus oils are one of the most overlooked oils...yet orange oil uses are limitless. But first let's talk about citrus oils in general. So what are the citrus oils? They are extracts of  man...
Hot Mama Body Wrap · 1Y ago


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