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Howling Turtle · 2h ago

Cover reveal: Red Days

Blurb:Keiko never set out to be an activist, but when she’s sent on an assignment to Taiji, Japan, the ball is set in motion. Reporting on the brutal yearly slaughter of hundreds of dolphins...
Howling Turtle · 1d ago

Spotlight: Road to Yesterday

Book Blurb:Would you travel through time to save your brother’s life? How much would you be willing to sacrifice for the good of your family?Two brothers fight for their lives in two hospita...
Howling Turtle · 3d ago

Spotlight: Double Lightning

About the Book:In an attempt to find her missing brother, 22-year-old Lily goes undercover to a criminals’ lair. Every federal agent who went undercover to bring down Pharaoh – the criminal ...
Howling Turtle · 4d ago

Cover Reveal: Blue Bottle Tree

Blurb: There’s no such thing as Voodoo. At least, that’s what most of the Baptists in Bellin tell themselves. But Seven LaVey knows better. In a small rural town just outside of Nashville, V...
Howling Turtle · 5d ago

World Weaver Press Acquires English Rights to Brazilian Anthology

Howling Turtle · 1w ago

Spotlight: Ahe'ey

About the Book:Morgan’s feminist books didn’t prepare her to deal with the dashing Gabriel and the land of Ahe’ey . . .Ahe'ey: The Complete CollectionMorgan is a dreamer, change maker and ar...
Howling Turtle · 1W ago

Review: Tell the Wind and Fire

Title: Tell the Wind and FireAuthor: Sarah Rees BrennanPage Count: 360My Rating: 3.5 TURTLES: A very enjoyable read, I recommend you check it out.Amazon*I was given this book in exchange for...
Howling Turtle · 1W ago

Spotlight: Radiant Shadows

Book Blurb:Say there is an official organization to control how vampires and humans interact. What would happen to violators of its 'laws'? How would the breaking of its rules be fixed? What...
Howling Turtle · 1W ago

Spotlight: Dragonsoul

About the Book:Littlehorn is the last dragon, born into a world that wants him dead.The dragon's blue scales and orange eyes are a stark contrast to the dull gray around him. The sky is gray...
Howling Turtle · 1W ago

Cover Reveal: Equus