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http://christineshomeandtraveladven · 3d ago

Welcoming our German Neighbors! Happy Birthday, Christoph!

We have German neighbors who own the house right next to my daughter and family's home, who is right next to us. They come here a few months every year. We also have another family of German...
http://christineshomeandtraveladven · 2W ago

It's Time for a Beachy Table!

 It is terribly hot and humid here in Florida which prompted me to create a beachy tablescape. I think the pool makes a perfect back drop, don't you think?I was too lazy to go to the garage ...
http://christineshomeandtraveladven · 1M ago

It is not "Gone with the Wind" Yet!

I was watching TV and all of a sudden, I thought about creating a Southern tablescape using my Limoges Trillium set. I always thought the flower on it is similar to a magnolia, so for now, p...
http://christineshomeandtraveladven · 1M ago

A Casual Dinner Using Polish Pottery Square Plates, 6/19/2017

I am still in my red, white and blue mood and maybe will be until the 4th of July. I love these Polish pottery square plates and wanted to show the different patterns that's why I did not la...
http://christineshomeandtraveladven · 2M ago

Philippine Trip: Anvaya Cove and Subic Bay

I am so far behind in posting my travels on my blog. We have been to the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam from January to March and then to Europe in April and May, 2017. My blog is sort of...
http://christineshomeandtraveladven · 2M ago

Tea Party with my Li'l Cuties in the Front Yard

 I wanted to use my new cup I received as a gift for mother's day.It came with a little cup for my little tea party goer.
http://christineshomeandtraveladven · 2M ago

Americana Tablescape for Dinner Tonight

It seems like eons ago since I tablescaped. DH and I just came from a 2 week trip in the Canary Islands, Gibraltar and Rome and I am just getting over my jetlag. Anyway, since Memorial Day i...
http://christineshomeandtraveladven · 4M ago

Bunnies Hopped on My Polish Pottery

Happy Easter everyone!I thought I would do something different. Instead of creating an Easter table using pastel colored dinnerware, I would use my floral Polish pottery. Well, flowers are g...
http://christineshomeandtraveladven · 4M ago

Fleur de Lis, Gold and Mercury Silver

The fleur de lis was my high school insignia so I've always had a strong affinity for it. In addition to that, I like anything French so I often find myself buying anything that I see with t...
http://christineshomeandtraveladven · 4M ago

An Early Easter Table, 2017

 John and I just got back from a 2 month trip to the Philippines with side trips to Vietnam and Thailand and I am having an major jet lag issue. The time difference is 12 hours so I think it...