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Jorn's Blog · 1d ago

Desteni Cult WARNING

So for quite some time I have been involved with this group/cult called Desteni ( and I am here to point out some simple facts that will help you decide if its a good idea to joi...
Jorn's Blog · 9M ago

Light on Life

Jorn's Blog · 1Y ago

What makes Desteni Tick

Some years ago I got involved with the Desteni cult. If you know nothing about it fine, but Here I use some space to rant, advice, awaken and what not else you get out of it. First off look ...
Jorn's Blog · 1Y ago

The Entity Human

The human being is an entity that creates thoughts which in itself is an entity that interacts and combines itself with other thoughts and forms patterns within which we decide with intellig...
Jorn's Blog · 1Y ago

The Freedom Problem

Since a couple of years now I have stopped participating in a group called Desteni. They are still active and you can look it up although my story is more about what kind of effect your beli...
Jorn's Blog · 1Y ago

My experience and perception of myself

For some time I have felt ashamed about what I have done in my life, because of what I believed and I have come to the point where I am not ashamed of that anymore or feel bad about my exper...
Jorn's Blog · 1Y ago

banger or bible hugger?

Dimensions for an educated person might mean a plane or a realm or even a separate existence. It is a defined point of anything really and can mean anything, but it always means something. S...
Jorn's Blog · 1Y ago

My involvement in Desteni and a warning to others

For a couple years of my life I have been involved with this group and I write this to inform and to share my experience so that others make their choices in an informed way and may also lea...
Jorn's Blog · 1Y ago

The process of Self-Inquiry

In a question there is always something external present that is questioned and already separately observed. In the process of Self-Inquiry the definitions formed are automatically referred ...
Jorn's Blog · 1Y ago

The Art of Divination

Many swear by it that by some practice or method it is possible to make an assessment about the future or the past, it has become a self fulfilling prophecy where we hang onto our star signs...