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Hustle & Attitude Creating positive youth recreational sports experiences
Hustle & Attitude · 2d ago

Junior Baseball Magazine; a Nice Resource with a Bad Cover Story

While looking for another book last weekend, I came across Junior Baseball magazine.  I didn’t realize there was such a thing, so of course I bought it.  My impression is that it is a nice r...
Hustle & Attitude · 1W ago

Youth Parent Goal for Kids; Joy or Victory?

I came across a well-written post on the Independent Coach Education blog that asks youth sports parents what are the goals for their children who participate in youth sports. The authors as...
Hustle & Attitude · 1W ago

Are Youth Football Groups Doing Enough to Protect Kids From Injury? – InsideSources

Interesting piece from Thayne Munce about youth football.  He asserts that youth football is doing enough when ...
Hustle & Attitude · 2W ago

Is Your Child Ready for Travel/Select Sports?

The good people at League Network offered four criteria for parents to evaluate in determining if their child is ready for travel/select sports.  Although the Hustle & Attitude philosophy is...
Hustle & Attitude · 3W ago

How Do Youth Sports Coaches Define a Successful Season?

Last month I held Hustle & Attitude coaching clinics for the Flag Football Fanatics leagues in the Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton areas.  This time around, I tried a new software applicati...
Hustle & Attitude · 4W ago

Kids Sports, Inc.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that the same week of the Project Play Summit (see my summary here), there was a Time magazine cover story on youth sports.  Sean Gregory does a nice job o...
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

Kids Playing Football Same as Letting them Smoke?!?! Another columnist highlighting the crisis I have been writing about for ab...
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

More Honest Contemplation About the Future of Football

This Washington Post article provides more thoughtful consideration about whether kids should play tackle football.
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

Project Play 2020 & Future of Youth Sports Coach Training

Today I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Aspen Institute Project Play Summit.  I was interested in their initiatives to improve youth sports (check out the link to read about the Aspen...
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

George Will on The Fading Pleasure of Football

I have written numerous times here that I believe tackle football is facing a crisis.  Parents are asking themselves whether their son should play football given the risks that are highlight...