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Hustle & Attitude Creating positive youth recreational sports experiences
Hustle & Attitude · 12h ago

5 Tips for Parents to Be More Encouraging of Their Kids In Youth Sports

Great advice from the good folks at League Network about youth sports parents.
Hustle & Attitude · 3d ago

Read The Matheny Manifesto

Mike Matheny’s book is the best book I’ve ever read on youth sports. Matheny is the current manager of the St. Louis Cardinals and a retired catcher who played 13 seasons for four teams, win...
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

Another NFL Great Recommends Kids Don’t Play Tackle Football Before Junior High School

In this piece from the Orlando Sentinel, George Diaz quotes former Miami Dolphin great Larry Csonka as saying “Kids shouldn’t play tackle football until junior high…” and cites lack of quali...
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

7 Reasons Why All Youth League Coaches Should Undergo Training | League Network These are all good reasons for Hustle & Attitude coaching clinics.  I particularly like #7 – yout...
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

Coaches: Level Up with Your Players – PCA Another good article from the good folks at the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).  I think these recommendations are...
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

Should Your Child Specialize in One Sport?

Sports specialization in youth sports is a hot topic.  I came across an article in USA Today’s High School Sports section highlighting that 30 of the 32 first round picks in the last week’s ...
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

Great Musical Tribute to Coaches

Country singer Kenny Chesney is a big football fan.  You may have seen him hanging with Peyton Manning (see the picture of Manning giving Chesney a Country Music Award last November). And th...
Hustle & Attitude · 2M ago

When the Right Strategy is Wrong for Kids

Our friends at GameChanger included an article about a new Little League Baseball rule change in their Season newsletter.  The rule change is related to how intentional walks are handled in ...
Hustle & Attitude · 2M ago

1st Time Flag Football Coaches Found My Clinic Very Useful

Last month I held six clinics for Flag Football Fanatics coaches in the Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati areas.  46 coaches participated in the clinics covering all aspects of coaching in th...
Hustle & Attitude · 2M ago

Awesome display of sportsmanship!

I absolutely love stories like this. This young man understands the ‘Attitude’ part of Hustle & Attitude.