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Hustle & Attitude Creating positive youth recreational sports experiences
Hustle & Attitude · 5d ago

Little League World Series – Still Some Good, But Also Plenty of the Bad and the Ugly

I try not to watch. As I said with in a previous post – I think the Little League World Series is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  But my son likes to watch, so it was on – the coverage is ...
Hustle & Attitude · 1W ago

Why Coach Youth Sports?

In the post on the Positive Coaching Alliance blog, former MLB pitcher and current pitching coach for the Colorado Rockies, Steve Foster, provides a solid answer.
Hustle & Attitude · 3W ago

Most Comprehensive Study to Date on NFL Players and CTE

Bleacher Report article indicating high number of former NFL, college, and even high school football players whose brains were found to have CTE;
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

The Case Against Select Sports:  If You’re Kid’s Good Enough, He’ll be Discovered

Check out this article calling select sports (particularly for kids under 10) an epidemic in youth sports.
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

Chris Lillstrung: High school sports community deserves mandated part of summer off I whole-heartedly agree – for me, the key reason is for families...
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

Drew Brees wants to “save the game of football” with flag football Interesting article from NBC sports.  Brees’ comments are in line with what ...
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

5 Tips for Parents to Be More Encouraging of Their Kids In Youth Sports

Great advice from the good folks at League Network about youth sports parents.
Hustle & Attitude · 1M ago

Read The Matheny Manifesto

Mike Matheny’s book is the best book I’ve ever read on youth sports. Matheny is the current manager of the St. Louis Cardinals and a retired catcher who played 13 seasons for four teams, win...
Hustle & Attitude · 3M ago

Another NFL Great Recommends Kids Don’t Play Tackle Football Before Junior High School

In this piece from the Orlando Sentinel, George Diaz quotes former Miami Dolphin great Larry Csonka as saying “Kids shouldn’t play tackle football until junior high…” and cites lack of quali...
Hustle & Attitude · 3M ago

7 Reasons Why All Youth League Coaches Should Undergo Training | League Network These are all good reasons for Hustle & Attitude coaching clinics.  I particularly like #7 – yout...