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Hypergrid Business · 5d ago

Reporting issues cause stats drop this month

OpenSim grids reported a net fall in both regions and active users this month, but the reg...
Hypergrid Business · 1W ago

The Public Grid

US $16 (15 Euro) on The Public World grid. No setup fee. Hypergrid enabled. German language support.
Hypergrid Business · 1W ago

Avination, a significant OpenSim grid, officially shuts down

Avination is one of the oldest commercial OpenSim grids and was, at one point, the largest...
Hypergrid Business · 1W ago

Party Destination Grid

US$27 per month for a 15,000-prim region on the Party Destination Grid. Hypergrid-enabled.
Hypergrid Business · 2W ago

AviWorlds closes for tenth time

This time, AviWorlds shut down not with a loud scandal, but without even a whisper. Over t...
Hypergrid Business · 2W ago

Educators open free resource shop on OSgrid

To help schools and educators create, access and share more virtual learning and education...
Hypergrid Business · 2W ago

Kroatan holds photo contest to celebrate first anniversary

To celebrate its first anniversary later on this month, the Croatian-language Kroatan Grid...
Hypergrid Business · 2W ago

Island Oasis postpones anniversary party after founder’s heart attack

Island Oasis postponed its sixth anniversary, celebration, originally scheduled for March ...
Hypergrid Business · 3W ago

Infringing content removed from grids

All active grids with infringing content have addressed the problem, according to VirTec owner Virtouse Lilienthal, one of the affected content creators. VirTec makes a multi-grid OpenSim ve...
Hypergrid Business · 3W ago

How to create a landing page

If you want to rent land, or sell other products or services, you need a landing page. A l...