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Hypergrid Business · 3d ago

GreekLife launches grid hosting service

The GreekLife grid has been around for eight years, but it has really started to take off ...
Hypergrid Business · 4d ago

Virtual Islands

10 Euro (US $12) for a 15,000-prim region on the hypergrid-enabled Virtual Islands grid.
Hypergrid Business · 6d ago

Outages plague grids this month; Speculoos returns

OpenSim land area and users rose slightly this month, despite outages and maintenance on s...
Hypergrid Business · 1W ago

Kinky Grid

US $35 per month for a 45,000-prim, three-by-three or six-by-six varregion. Hypergrid enabled.
Hypergrid Business · 1W ago

CGTrader looks to make VR more welcoming for women

With sexism still strong in the gaming industry, a Europe-based 3D model marketplace is lo...
Hypergrid Business · 3W ago

Grids try to find balance on child avies

Child avatars are a sensitive topic in virtual worlds. For some users, the presence of chi...
Hypergrid Business · 3W ago

Virtual learning conference shorter, VR-focused

This year’s Virtual World Best Practices in Education 2018 conference, which ended last we...
Hypergrid Business · 4W ago

High Fidelity launches new VR blockchain alliance

Blockchain — the technology powering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — is coming to vir...
Hypergrid Business · 1M ago

Atek Grid announces cryptocurrency plans

The Atek Grid has launched a new cryptocurrency, which will become the primary in-world currency, grid owner Frank Corsi told Hypergrid Business. The new currency, Dosh Coins, is based on bl...
Hypergrid Business · 1M ago

OpenSim land rally continues

OpenSim land area continued to increase gaining a total of 3,400 standard region equivalen...