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Idolator · 9h ago

The Soundtrack Album Revival Of 2017

Soundtracks are back in a big way.
Idolator · 11h ago

ICYMI: ‘Diana — The Original Chic Mix’ Makes Its Debut On Pink Vinyl

Diana Ross x Chic.
Idolator · 12h ago

Victoria Justice’s Latest Photo Shoot Is Out Of This World: 6 Pics

Alien chic.
Idolator · 14h ago

Kygo & Selena Gomez’s “It Ain’t Me” Is A Near-Death Experience

In more ways than one.
Idolator · 15h ago

Tori Amos Announces 15th LP, ‘Native Invader’

She’s back!
Idolator · 16h ago

Love Goes (Very) Wrong In Charlie Puth’s “Attention” Video

A Fatal Attraction situation.
Idolator · 17h ago

Kelly Rowland On Her Destiny’s Child Friendships & Being A Role Model

She also shares Beyonce’s advice.
Idolator · 18h ago

Is Katy Perry’s Next Single “Bon Appetit”?

She sent KatyCats her “World’s Best Cherry Pie” recipe.
Idolator · 19h ago

Lana Del Rey & G-Eazy Were Acting “Lovey-Dovey” At Coachella

The Lana Del Rey of hip-hop meets the actual Lana Del Rey.
Idolator · 1d ago

Camila Cabello’s Manager Teases Her Debut Solo Album