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imagi-nation · 3W ago

More 2018 SEO trends

While we are well into 2018, this infographic points to some important developments in SEO that are becoming more prevalent each day. SEO or search engine optimization is continually evolvin...
imagi-nation · 1M ago

Fibre Routers on Special over Easter!!!

Fibre Routers on Special over Easter.   ZyxelAMG1302T11C was R899 but now selling at R599.00 Savings of R300 while stocks last. Go to
imagi-nation · 2M ago

The benefits of social media for your business

There are many obvious benefits to having your business or brand on social media. Everyone knows that social media gives your brand more exposure but there are also other related aspects tha...
imagi-nation · 4M ago

The way ahead for the South African digital scene.

Here is a short but  interesting video on the way ahead for the South African digital scene. The video brings up some essential points. The emphasis is on mobile with 29 million mobile phone...
imagi-nation · 5M ago

Get the best home and business LTE-A deals in South Africa right here !!

LTE-A is the future of fixed wireless connectivity! Aimed at providing affordable high-speed, reliable wireless Internet in areas that don’t have DSL or Fibre coverage. Get the best home and...
imagi-nation · 6M ago

Happy Birthday Imaginet!!

Imaginet has been providing solid and expert service and products  to South Africans for the past twenty years. Visit our Promo page for our latest offerings. The post Happy Birthday Imagine...
imagi-nation · 7M ago

FREE Fibre installations

FREE Fibre installations on all networks until further notice! Take advantge of this special offer now!!! Click here to get your free installation  Get the best home and business fibre deals...
imagi-nation · 10M ago

New!!! – Fibre for home and business- infographic

WHAT’S ALL THIS ABOUT FIBRE? It’s the fastest connectivity around, and at Imaginet, we’re all about getting you connected. From Telkom and OpenServe, to Vumatel and Frogfoot, we’ve got your ...
imagi-nation · 11M ago

frogfoot fibre is here!

Frogfoot Fibre -Is your neighbourhood a Frogfoot enabled hood? Now Imaginet can get you connected on Frogfoot Fibre. Branching out we now offer Openserve, Vumatel and Frogfoot networks for f...
imagi-nation · 11M ago

Email Limitations

We have been very fair in our email policy and for a while we didn’t charge clients for any extra usage but as our lines became more costly it was obvious we needed to limit high usage and c...