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In Omnia Paratus · 3d ago

October 10 Questions

Well, I'm on vacation in Cape May enjoying a quiet mind for the first time in MONTHS. I'd love to update you on a number of things...but wrapping up all of the accompanying media is more tha...
In Omnia Paratus · 5d ago

Deconstruction of Q's Spooking

Deconstructing the why/when behind a spook isn't the simplest of tasks when you've got an intelligent, highly opinionated, incredibly stubborn pony mare. [Un]Fortunately for her, I'm just as...
In Omnia Paratus · 1W ago

Oy With the Poodles Already

Oh man. Where has the time gone? I'm making an attempt to ease back into blogging, but beware, my stress-addled brain is still forgetting things and boggling words in all manner of ways.The ...
In Omnia Paratus · 2W ago

MDHT Fall Start #1: Cross Country (x2!)

And finally, everyone's favorite part about eventing, cross country! And, surprise, this time you're getting a double dose because we not only did our judged elementary round of XC, we also ...
In Omnia Paratus · 2W ago

MDHT Fall Starter #1: Stadium

Following dressage, I had about 90 minutes before my scheduled stadium round. I untacked Grif, gave him a drink, and tossed him on the trailer with hay. Emma and I grabbed drinks and snacks ...
In Omnia Paratus · 2W ago

MDHT Fall Starter #1: Dressage

Crystal clear cotton candy pink skies and the first frost of the season greeted Griffin and I as we set off to Loch Moy for our first Fall Starter Trial on September 10. As we headed east in...
In Omnia Paratus · 1M ago


I've alluded to it in several posts over the past few months, but my work life is absolutely nuts right now. I'm compartmentalizing the chaos as much as I can, but I'm only capable of juggli...
In Omnia Paratus · 1M ago

Twilight Eventing: Stadium and XC

With dressage behind us, my nerves in a remarkably settled place, and a smile on my face, Griffin and I entered the warm-up area for stadium jumping. I just walked him at first, settling us ...
In Omnia Paratus · 1M ago

Twilight Eventing: Prologue and Dressage

Making Your Own Reality It isn't easy to dive into a new discipline. There's a big learning curve that comes from multiple directions no matter how you look at it. Add in the fact that you m...
In Omnia Paratus · 1M ago

Twilight Eventing: Preview

Well, our debut as eventers is under our belts.IT. WAS. AWESOME.Griffin had a freaking BLAST and I did, too. I cannot wait to get back out there.