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In Otter News · 10M ago

Baby Otter Eating: A Bird’s Eye View

And now, an adorable baby otter eating his soft food. Thank-you YouTube Channel bubby777 for this adorable video! ^_^   Happy Ottersday :#)
In Otter News · 11M ago

Maryland Zoo Welcomes New River Otter

The Maryland Zoo welcomed a new North American river otter to the Otter Stream Habitat in the Maryland Wilderness Exhibit. He came to the zoo from the Oregon Zoo in Portland and his name is ...
In Otter News · 11M ago

Otters Return Home to Thompson Park Zoo

After months away, the two river otters of the Thompson Park Zoo in Watertown, New York are back in town.   Father and son otters Otis and Ricky are just a few weeks from going onto exhibit,...
In Otter News · 11M ago

Rescued Golden Eagle is Released to the Wild

An 11-week-old golden eagle was rescued from a water reservoir near Dove Canyon in southern California during a recent heat wave. He may have floated down slope and found water, but then bec...
In Otter News · 1Y ago

Otter Wagon Train

It’s an otter. On a wagon. It’s a Wagon Train! I swear at some points he looks like he’s dancing. Thank-you YouTube Channel Gary Peterson for this otter video. Love the Soundtrack.   Happy O...
In Otter News · 1Y ago

Pusheen for Reals

Julien Therrien, a writer for Les Populaires, recruited his cat, Jackie, to assist him in creating real-life versions of the virtual cat Pusheen’s Facebook stickers. Therrien and Jackie capt...
In Otter News · 1Y ago

Sea Otter Gobbles Clam Before Bird Can Steal It

Mine? Not this time, Seagull. Happy Flyday ~^v^~ Happy belated Ottersday :#) and Happy birthday to me ^_^
In Otter News · 1Y ago

Japanese Snow Monkey Babies

Are you ready the cutest, floofiest snow monkeys baby ever?! I wasn’t, I was totally taken aback unawares! OMG! I was weakened by their cuteness….. ahhhhh. There’s 8 minutes here of adorable...
In Otter News · 1Y ago

Capybaras Loose in Toronto!

At Toronto’s High Park Zoo, two capybaras, the world’s largest rodents, have escaped into the city. Despite being actually fairly massive, the partners in crime – actually named Bonnie and C...
In Otter News · 1Y ago

The Cheetah & The Hyena

Safari guide, Onesmus Irungu, photographed an unusual scene on a morning out in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve: a spotted hyena getting chased off its kill by a mother cheetah and her ...