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In His Name · 5M ago

Happy Memorial Day!

 No matter how things may look, God is here. He has promised "never to leave us or forsake us" Joshua 1 : 5,  and He keeps His promises. May the anointing of this video warm and bring hope t...
In His Name · 6M ago

Mothers, Pray For Your Children

This is Mother's Day weekend, and I really ought to focus on wishing all you wonderful mothers a Happy Mother's Day, but this past week, a conversation with a friend inspired me to write thi...
In His Name · 6M ago

Do You Like Tattoos?

I have never been a fan of tattoos. When I see them plastered on someone's arm, I think, how ugly, or how painful that must be. I also remember that somewhere in the Old Testament God warned...
In His Name · 6M ago

Think Big

In His Name · 6M ago

When You Are Tired

One day my daughter sent her then five-year-old daughter to bring her something, don't recall what it was now, from the bedroom. Jen set off obediently then suddenly stopped and turned aroun...
In His Name · 7M ago

The Sun Understood

In His Name · 7M ago

The Story Behind Easter

Have you ever wondered what the atmosphere was like in heaven when God disclosed that He was sending Jesus His only-begotten Son into the world to die for us? How did the heavenly host react...
In His Name · 7M ago

For God So Loved

In His Name · 7M ago

I Surrender All

The words of this song came to my mind just before I fell asleep last night. It's a song I've know almost all my life, and maybe many of you do too.I surrender all,I surrender all,All to the...
In His Name · 7M ago

Gone Fishing

One of the most poignant stories in the Bible, to my mind, is the one where Peter and the disciples decided to go fishing after Jesus's death. I say poignant because Peter's words, "I go a f...