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Victoria Trees

Reads about: human interest, positive thinking, news

Susanna Dame Duffy

Reads about: lensmaster, scale models, hobbies, mid life, older cats

Brenda Price

Reads about: books, reviews, reading, family, life

Aimee Nyce

Reads about: tupperware, human interest, positive thinking, books, historical fiction

Carol Wax

Reads about: human interest, positive thinking, news

Melody Lassalle

Reads about: genealogy, family history, ancestry, family, health

Rebecca Stubbings Pi...

Reads about: christian, life experiences, rain, devotional, christian thoughts

Carissa Nester

Reads about: law of attraction, inspiration, tattoos, life, the secret

Mary Balfoort-Outwin

Reads about: family, civil rights, books, news, ethics

Angie Condrey

Reads about: humor, life, parenting, politics, writing

Diana Beal Arney

Reads about: organizing, pet sitting, clutter, home, personal development

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